The Republic – Yearly Fee Revisited


Folks, after some discussion with the Sovereign Kings and Queens of the new Republic -it has been decided that the yearly fee / donation for joining and being part of the new tax free Republic should be increased.

Whist we think $12 every 12 months is more than enough to run this entire Nation – it has been decided that a higher fee initially at least will help get things underway until such time as we have the economies of scale/ numbers to lower prices.

Thus the fee for joining the new Republic of New Zealand is now set at $70 per 12 months.

Otherwise we are just running around checking payments and verifying, with not much time and money left.

All funds will at this stage be spent on the new website and publicizing the new Republic to other Kiwis.

We hope to reduce this fee as we proceed and more Sovereigns join.

King James of Christchurch

(Possibly still being blocked by Google – the current Government run by corrupt Jews based in Israel and Russia)

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