The Serpent Bloodline Own and Run the Internet #TOS


Featured Image – Malcolm Hollis of Price Water House Coopers, who are apparently now illegally doctoring companies office records on line.


This is the best word to use aye. Snakes.

It’s a serpent bloodline

They say you will know them by their deeds – but better than that you will know them by their tongues.

Media Whores own tongue is known to pop out of our mouth at times, but mostly only when drinking a cappuccino when the beard is too long.

But pretty sure these snake assholes in Israel and Russia are now doctoring video on line to show tongues popping out on folks they want to set up. All they have to do is pull out a couple of stills, edit in a tongue or what looks like a tongue popping out when played at normal speed, then save those stills back into the video. And pretty good at it now we would say.

It takes us an hour to upload a small 10 minute video to Youtube – that is because these freaks watch it first/ in real time as it uploads and screen it before they agree to publish  it. If they don’t like it hangs or fails, or they chuck a warning on it and limit all other functions/ views, sharing etc

We had a a second photo of that demonic low life dairy farmer in Arthurs Pass the other day – in the second video we went back and recorded his house and address then really let loose on him – that video has now been ‘deactivated’ in the folder on our computer so even we can’t watch it. They went in and changed the suffix/ file type so we can no longer open it. That dairy farmer was a redhead – and he is being protected.

Another one we noticed was we had a photo of that Mason queer redhead freak from Auckland who deals in the GHB date rape drugs – and when we went looking for it on our external drive it had been removed. Along with many other photos from Auckland. Would not be at all surprised to learn that these snakes can access external hard drives and view and remove files even when they are not plugged in. Or they do it when you running back ups etc.

Also all of our photos from our 5-7 years in South Korea – gone. From the hard drive again.

Oh yeah and they have gone in and doctored our old company’s records and changed the date of receivership (from 2012 to 214). We let the company go when we went sole trader having realized the NZ Government were funding terrorism and covering up their own pedophile rings. It is illegal to fund terrorism and pedophilia obviously. They removed the original receivers name and replaced it with some one else’s, and added in a trading name that we never provided nor used with that company. Why would you offer up a ‘trading as’ name to an old company that you are leaving behind with debts to the IRD? So they can come after you for those debts? ie) they did it, not us. We have rang Price water House Coopers and the staff member they have listed as the liquidator “Danielle Butler”apparently left in 2015, some time BEFORE the records were fraudulently doctored. We spoke with the original liquidator in 2012 and it was a guy (not a girl), in Dunedin, not Auckland. His name has been fraudulently removed and Danielle’s name added – who doesn’t even work there. And they have left the Dunedin phone number there by accident also – see screen shot below. That will no doubt be changed soon also. This was apparently all done by one Malcolm Hollis of Price Water House Coopers – apparently another corrupt dog, who doesn’t answer his phone, and will be arrested and investigated in the new Republic also….We have reported this fraud to the Serious Fraud Office – and of course, they do not want to look at it. It is all the same little gang of inbred corporate snakes behind the curtain after all.

They also sent the Domain Name Commission in after us once that trading name was fraudulently added….claiming is “not registered to a properly constituted organization” – yeah well never is the fucking NZ Government, or the fake republic website run by these Nazi redheads – seems old Caleb Smith is only interested in Media Whores suddenly – more corrupt corporate garbage, with that same ‘streak’ in him aye…….

Oh yeah and this guy below – Gareth Foster – shut down out our line mail service “Private Box” yesterday after blocking us for 2 weeks

What a pack of corrupt fkg niggers

The entire internet is a fkg joke. Run by these soviet snakes, mostly based in Israel and Russia as far as we can tell…with a small army of redhead Zionist/ Nazis running around doing their dirty work for them here in New Zealand.

Are they all Jews or of the Jewish bloodline? Seems so, but who knows.

Snakes is a better word in our view.

There is no one in the lighthouse folks – and these filthy pedophile ring corporate snakes are now running amok.

Nobody is safe or protected by the law in New Zealand anymore. Its a fkg jungle.

Fueled by kiddie porn and meth by any serious analysis. That is what most of these snakes seem to get off on.



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