EXCLUSIVE – Will Kiwis be Microchiped at their Super Markets by Islamic Soldiers?



Have you noticed how the all of the corporate super markets are slowly channeling you into those self service lanes?

Also how the outside of most of those super markets now look like military bunkers?

Did you know they use high strength plate glass at the fronts also?

So what happens if they close the front doors one day, put soldiers outside and then demand anyone who wants food has to be microchiped?

Sound like a script from a Hollywood movie doesn’t it.

Well actually it is kind of written in the Bible also……the second beast starts showing up, and gives ‘wind’ to the first beast (who already own everything), and they then try to microchip everybody.’…


Is it possible that all of those Muslims out the back of our super markets are actually highly trained Islamic soldiers who will be tasked with microchiping everybody if/ when a collapse is orchestrated?

Worth considering surely.

And possibly planting your own vege garden, and stocking up on salt, rice, pasta etc.

Media Whores is no professional survivalist – but we are also aware that many Kiwis also have rifles and large stocks of ammo. Which would come in useful for taking back control of the situation presumably. If it ever happened that is. Peace and supply would of course have to be restored, and as quickly as possible. This is where the hunting and fishing types would come in handy.

Media Whores also spotted an article recently about a NZ owned company questioning the security of the local hydro power supply – can’t find it now. Well here is a tip – don’t sit around waiting for a response – organize yourselves and make sure you find out who is running it currently, and knows how to run it going forward. Do not rely on any bureaucrats or related ‘processes such as ‘official information requests’. Drive straight on up there and start asking questions. The entire Nation could be relying on the information you gather at some stage.

Now we may have that completely wrong of course and the small army of young Muslim men out the back of your super markets, bottle stores and the likes these days, might just be here in New Zealand for the fantastic minimum wages and great working conditions….and to try and sleep with white girls. Media Whores did a lot of overseas travel and work in our youth also so we can follow that concept. And was promptly chucked out of any Country we started making trouble also we should note……..which was most of them to be fair. Much to the dismay of the NZ government also no doubt.

And they all went after the Second Beast…Aziz Al-Sa’afin #TOS




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