Barfoot Thompson’s Peter Thompson on the Pizza Gate ‘Art’


Featured Image – Barfoot Thompson managing Director – Peter Thompson. Dear God. The beast is a Soviet Bitch and I see it. 


Well we have had a pretty good crack at Bayleys – but thought we would take a closer look at Barfoot Thompson today given they are obviously another large part of this Communist Chinese meth industry sell off of Auckland and our entire Nation – at the bequest/ order of the Rothschild/ Red Head Persian bankers….

While not as in your face as Mike Bayley’s hexagram/ Star of David – here are some quick things we picked up on…..

Obviously Peter Thompson himself – has that Luke Dallow look about him and probably the same shape shifting  snake DNA.

The first obvious one – the new age ‘liberal corporate Nazi pimp daddy with the standard reading glasses…and a girl half his age……is it part of the corporate normalization of pedophilia campaign we are witnessing?

No other really obvious  symbols – except for maybe the faint fleur de lis action in the background…….

And the fairly recent addition of the bucked tooth Russian /Polish Jew to their top level staff – Vaughan Borcovsky, Regional Manager – a trend we are seeing across the West these days as these communists disguised as corporates take over everything……the family all moving in. Same across Hollywood and most other corporate apparatus these days – as their capitalist / Globalist model finally starts revealing its true colours…….the Russian billionaires all moving in, with their agents.

As we said in that last post – the smartest of these Jews / fake Jews hide themselves and their symbols – so not too much to go on here on initial inspection.

So we thought we would just post a Pizza Gate elite ‘fine art’ montage below – the type of stuff these rich globalists fake Jews apparently like to put in their homes. See if perhaps we can get a bite from Peter Thompson and the gang, or even a comment on the Pizza Gate cover up, or the Chinese communist meth industry that has been fueling his industry and pockets for the past 20 years…..under the guise of free market capitalism and democracry……

PizzaGate: The ART…


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