Has Earth Literally been Invaded by Vogons?



May have unwittingly stumbled onto another big one here folks


There is obviously a bit of an age difference in the images above. Luke Dallow would probably be a relatively younger Vogon by comparison.

Then we have his boss Peter Thompson – a slightly older one and getting a bit closer to the Vogons from Hitch Hikers Guide.

And Cyril Smith the serial pedophile from the UK – right on the mark.

Found a few more on line also.

What do you reckon? Was Hitch Hikers Guide actually trying to warn us?

No amount of Ponsonby High Street fashion can disguise it really.. And the guilt and self loathing written all over his face……

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14 thoughts on “Has Earth Literally been Invaded by Vogons?”

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    Vern says:

    Agreed mate, too many people believe they’re powerless but also have all the other shit to deal with that this so called system serves us all. Yup, we are approaching the birth of a new beginning, a beautiful new beginning. God is detoxing the toxins, the ball is rolling.

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      mediawhores says:

      at its worst it is a horror story in motion – at its best it is the beginning.
      me thinks it will escalate.

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        Vern says:

        It WILL escalate ten fold. Those with open eyes and an open heart who serve others won’t be suffering any where near as bad as those who have their own egotistical agenda and serve others only to stroke their ego.

        Being a baby boomer who’s been wide awake of whats going on since the 70s I have seen so many people led away from God especially with the implementation of the beast technology. We live in a world where people can’t do good for others unless they’re reporting and sharing it all over their phones and computers to make themselves feel good.with one of the scariest things being that New Zealand has become a very dangerous place due to not only the system, but the amount of narcissists who live here. Good people still exist but very few and far between, unless someone can gain something from someone else they’ll usually turn a blind eye or cut their friends and family. A sick and sad reality, this has all been done by design. in the 80s it was a known fact that New Zealand was being taxed and raped for its Wool – still very much the case, just nobody knows it.

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          mediawhores says:

          you noticed all of the redheads around also?
          when i grew up – 80’s/ 90’s only the odd one.
          now 30%+ of the population
          what does that tell?

          1. Vern says:

            In my honest opinion the same amount of red heads still exist, its just with technology and conscious awareness more people have cottoned on to it. The red heads go way back in history all the way to the giants who arrived in New Zealand from ancient Persia and easter island who were brutally murdered and raped by invaders. Until New Zealand learns the truth about its past we are going to see more endless Debates involving Maori/Pakeha and an even bigger widening gap between “rich and poor” – all designed by the Elitists and Free Masons to keep the common man at war with his brother.

            I don’t agree that all red heads are evil – no. Satan and his army of greedy followers are evil which are comprised of all different races and hair colours. There are many kind hearted red heads who still exist today and unfortunately because of the evil wickedness that occurred way back when it has left a negative impact in New Zealand. The ones who are truly running the New Zealand government know only too well how Tapu New Zealand is and how the people who live here are directly affected by this.

            The ones who are truly running New Zealand don’t show themselves in the media, most people have never heard of the ones who are truly pulling the strings here and have the final say – it certainly isn’t any of the muppets that are ‘mainstream’ and it certainly isn’t any of those monsters who run the federal reserve, they’re literally only front men.

            Most people don’t even realise how much black magic they’re dealing with on a daily basis, I personally suggest everyone learns phonetics as there is too much unnecessary Karma associated with the ‘English’ language.

            Revelation 9:10 gives a good heads up to whats coming for all those who live a lie.

          2. Vern says:

            Australia has it pretty bad too mate, the only difference is that the Aus Govt and authorities keep their common everyday people more satisfied than what ours does which keeps their heads buried in the sand for longer. You can earn more working a till at a fast food chain in OZ than what you would earn after going through tertiary education in NZ. How? why?

            The biggest thing I have noticed in my 56 years and especially the past 20 here in NZ is the amount of openly proud homosexuals there are- once upon a time people kept it to themselves. Its like a factory is making homosexuals. It is a shame that the youth are sold this idea that they can work their way to success where the reality is that if a straight man/woman is prepared to go against their sexuality it brings many “rewards” for them.

            Yes they are VERY ugly. Inside and out.

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    Vern says:

    Speaking of Vogons: Its a known fact in some circles within the Bay that Judge Tony Adeane is a child sex offending protector, in fact between him and Peter Callinicos you can bet on the outcome of any given trial. Some of the sickest of the sick these guys. However, It is interesting just how many facts are being left out of this article (link below) that was recently published regarding yet another CYFS worker in this country who is in the spot light for an investigation regarding pedophilia. at least 95% of reported sexual abuse never gets followed up with these corporate rats – this is another HUGE secret in NZ, especially when its a child because no one takes kids seriously enough to launch an investigation and the child usually doesn’t know how to explain what exactly fucking happened, Not unless they’re reporting it to someone who is actually caring enough to follow it up and wants to seek justice for the child. I can assure you for a FACT that if many CYF type organisations will try and avoid it altogether if they can as it is a lot of stress to deal with for the work place and company, the same goes for special needs care. I should also mention that workers are even encouraged to veer towards the perpetrators side without them even knowing it, a type of gas lighting technique. So Fucking disgusting in the highest regard and the monsters who are pulling the strings and allowing this need to be carstrated. Vogues, lol.

    CYFS works closer with the NZs army of child sex offenders than any of us can honestly imagine, especially with their ‘elected’ MP’s and CEOs of any given district.

    All bets are open for the outcome of this case


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      mediawhores says:

      yes. and part of the problem is most of the parents are knee deep in their own muck and so do not have the strength to fight back. nor often even the will.

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