Luke Dallow Pulled Pork Eye Candy on the Meth #TheyLive 666 #TOS


Luke Dallow – the beast is a Bitch and I see it….dear God….the state of it. You would think these freaks would be smart enough to try and stay out of the cameras. Just can’t help themselves. 


Check it out.

You know you could almost feel sorry for these fat little demon swine – if they weren’t so fkg corrupt.

Talking about the Auckland housing market – which is of course almost the same thing as the Auckland / Chinese communist meth market…..the driving force behind it all over the past 20 years. Billions of dollars of it – all in cash. Propping up the entire banking and gaming industries also….as these communist/ Bolshevicks slowly depopulate Auckland of its Kiwi.

Listen as he explains that ‘the market is good….buyers are still coming down’. ie) from China.

You know these inbred swine already have millions of dollars – Luke Dallow would have gone into the Auckland housing market simply to help the gang / family manage the entire Chinese meth invasion of Auckland. It is a military strategy they run, posing as both left and right, rich and poor. etc

The big wig Chinese and Auckland meth traffickers just pay cash for these homes – while Kiwis are made to work their entire lives for one, usually in companies owned by these same niggas, and now mostly all locked out of the market anyway…..and by design.



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