On the Vegetarian Thing


Featured Image – Pulled Pork. Old Testament / Persian / satanic blood Sacrifice rituals to ‘the Lord’ / eL/ Allah etc,  cleverly marketed as ‘food’ and nutrition for the Goy. You are what you eat. 


We have removed that ‘decree’ saying the new Republic will be vegetarian

Otherwise we will never get it over the line.

There is a need to prioritize.

The people first, then the other issues can all be discussed and decided upon as we go.

It is our view that over time people will start to figure it out anyway – that when you engage in these Persian blood sacrifice rituals, you pay an equal price, just nice and slowly so you do not even notice. Fact is human beings are part Gods and part beast/ animal. We can live well into our 900’s if we get the original science right.  (Original/ Organic/ Organism/ Organs). But it must be left up to the individual/ sovereigns what they do on their own land and in their own homes in the mean time.

Getting rid of all of the KFC’s, MacDonalds etc and their marketing will be a good start. Those crooks can start paying all of the food taxes. And with no income taxes it will be easy to revert back to healthy home cooked meals – a lost art.

They make sure you are all surrounded by animal blood advertising all day long to make sure you keep eating it – and remain in your dumbed down trance. Dosed up on animal vaccines, antibiotics, and GMO stock feeds. Unable to see the corporate matrix they have built around you.

It is actually only the salt/ salts that your body craves – and the corporate marketing experts trick you into thinking it is the flesh itself. The exact same salts are found in the plants – that the animals eat. All 12 of them in total.

The Persian elites have also been running this “lets all eat insects instead” bullshit simply as a mind control operation/ distraction. Vegetarians do not eat fkg insects. And nor will anyone else.

Those still hooked into all of the bullshit news clips they feed you at 6pm stand little chance.






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