The Hell’s Pizza Satanic Child Sex Cult 666


Featured Image – Hell Pizza – part of the Saturn worshiping child sex cult. 


They are telling you who they are – and what they are into……a child sex cult who sexually abuse and then transgender your children…….and they all have the snakes teeth and popping tongues….its a bloodline…of child abusing snakes…

The Colours of Saturn/ Satan – Yahweh & His Bitch are Coming…..#TOS


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    Andy says:

    Note that John Todd who sat on a council of 13, took his orders from the tribunal of Rothschilds in London. THAT the Rothschilds took their orders directly from Lucifer.

    What this means of course is that the mass native bird murder by 1080 poison, which is run by the Rothschilds in the UK, comes directly from Lucifer. According to this view from John Todd, who was on the council of 13 who reported directly to the Rothschilds tribunal in London.

    This is more obvious when we become aware that one of the names of “Satan”, is the “poison of God”.

    Which can also be referred to as “the poison of the Land”, because “the land is God”.

    Which comes from “in the beginning was the word”…..”the word was God”. WHICH to make a bit more practical common sense since without land there are no humans….”in the beginning was the Land”…”the land was God”.

    In New Zealands case there is even more relevence to this…..because New Zealand recieves the first light of life….another name for the first light of life is Jesus Christ, OR the rainbow covenant of Abraham which jesus Christ restored anyway……so it all comes back to…poisoning the land of the first light of life….or poisoning the land of Jesus Christ.

    Hence the orders from Lucifer via the Rothschilds to poison to death New Zealand with 1080 poison.

    Disguised as pest control.

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      mediawhores says:

      snakes do not like birds
      i have noticed when you whistle around these snakes they get frightened and jumpy

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