There will be No Smoking – of Inorganic Tobacco – in the New Republic


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There will be no smoking of inorganic tobacco in the new Republic folks… soon as new organic supplies can be organized.

An unfortunate habit – forced upon honorable and dedicated smokers across the Nation due to the restricted supply of only chemical laden tobacco.

Only the very best clean organic tobacco will be grown in the new Republic and sold at cost plus any standard sales taxes.

New Zealand start up “NFG” have also expressed an interest in exporting the stuff.

Red meat and sugar are far worse for your health if you are looking to tax something. In fact lets start taxing the zombie smoke Nazis for even being on the streets to begin with. Looking at ugly people is incredibly damaging to one’s day.

The very best tobacco will also be provided free for all health care related purposes – as it was always used for.

Shout out to those free and independent thinkers who helped keep the flame alive – by ignoring all of the lies their sick corporate government told them.




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