Gang Stalking – the Matrix is Breaking Down



Gang Stalking is the last ditch / desperate attempt of the so called matrix to try and reign in and destroy those who refuse to comply.

By any serious analysis they have tried for many many years to bring the targeted individuals in. To break them down, get them to sell out, buy in, join in, compromise, bend over, give up and otherwise sell their souls.

The more your eyes are opened the further back you will likely be able to trace it. They send in ‘friends’, girlfriends, hookers, police, neighbors, drug dealers, and on and on.

When all else has failed – they finally resort to low level street crime, in the form of gang stalking. Sending out their army of demented old pedophile ring associates and their younger apprentices to basically just follow you around the streets – usually dressed in colour coded high viz and purple attire – and usually walking ugly little dogs oddly enough also. Don’t ask us to explain the dog thing – something to do with Sirius the Dog Star perhaps.

This is the so called zombie apocalypse we were warned of – happening before our very eyes. The matrix starting to break down……

This shows just how desperate they have become/ are becoming – as the matrix they have been carefully constructing around us now for hundreds if not thousands of years – starting with the false / half truth religions that perverted holy Scripture, then the legal name and now the technology – starts to crumble in the light of the new season of the Sun/ Son.

Cool story.

And pretty much the only thing that makes any sense to us these days, although can’t speak for others.

Been enjoying this work below – and you would too if you were on the receiving end of the gang stalking, with every half baked creepy corporate pedophile in the Nation swooping in and around you to try and introduce themselves and/or annoy you…….along with their demonic / infected children.

Whatever the final destination – it has got to be better than that.

Corinthians 6:3 KJV


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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – the Matrix is Breaking Down”

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      mediawhores says:

      they probably snort the stuff
      i am yet to see or witness any 1080, or any deaths from 1080 etc
      just signs up everywhere – telling humans to stay away
      i would not be at all surprised to learn the entire thing was a hoax
      we will publicly invite harry to stop by and pay respects to the King.
      maybe talk some sense into him

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