Prince Harry Announces First Visit to the Republic of New Zealand



It has been bought to the attention of King James today that Prince Harry of the English Crown Incorporated hopes to visit the new Republic of New Zealand in October with his   Bride.

We understand the young Prince’s excitement at the events that have transpired in the new Republic recently – namely the self appointment of a new King and the formation of a new Sovereign Republic – and we would note that Prince Harry has every right to travel both to and within our land, just the same as anyone else does, and will continue to do, on the proviso that they agree to adhere to the law of the land – that being ‘Do No Harm’.

We would therefore encourage the Prince and his   Bride to make every effort to avoid eating dead things during their visit. Or shooting things, as the Prince has been known to do in other Nations he visits.

The Prince is also hereby formally invited and encouraged to stop by for a visit with the King, as long as his intention is honorable.

We are aware of speculation that the Prince can take on various forms and we give an assurance that there will be no prejudice shown on the day.

The Prince will no doubt also be aware that the King is somewhat prone to bouts of rather extravagant verbal self expression and is politely reminded that there is very little hope of any censorship on any given day.

Likewise we encourage other Sovereigns to speak freely.

The King would like to also assure the Prince of England Incorporated that his privacy will be respected should he choose to stop by.

Gifts will not be necessary – as One was born with everything One needs.

We would also point out that while there may have been a reference to a “snake” when discussing the English Crown lately in a video loosely associated with the new Republic – that we are all advised to be ‘as wise as snakes’ in the Bible, and thus this statement was not necessarily meant as an insult, to anyone in particular.

We wish Prince Harry and his   Bride a safe and peaceful visit to the new Republic. And again stress the importance of not killing anything, or eating dead things – not least for respectable Royalty.


King James of the Church of Christ, and the Sovereign Republic of New Zealand, unincorporated. 






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