The Transgender Child Abuse Corporate Olympics #EarnTheFern


Featured Image – Joanna Harper – its the end of days.


The Transgender Child Abuse Corporate Olympics #EarnTheFern

We are living in the fkg twilight zone.

The Oylmpics has become a corporate Nazi/ Zionist freak show – on steroids…and growth hormones.


The globalist corporates are all run by a small bunch of lunatic transvestite child abusers….and the tranny Olympics is their prize.

We should all look very much forward to the day that their entire system of fraud and child abuse finally topples over.

Have a spare tank of gas and some seeds on hand is our best advice. A couple extra woolly jumpers and socks for the winter. Cast iron log burners and pot bellies will be one of the first industries to start booming – again. Along with community markets, weed, tobacco and home brew.

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    Mike says:

    INFO DROP: This appears to have some confusion between a lawyer who cannot deal with logic or evidence??? And a Judge in the environment Court with an injunction over 1080, whose connections are to Winston Peters in Tauranga. IN ALL: It looks like a total set up, to simply look good.
    9 Sept 2018. Court delays Hunua 1080 poison drop
    TIM MURPHY FOR NEWSROOM. Last updated 08:55, September 9 2018. Two-thirds of Auckland’s water comes from the dams around the Hunua Ranges.
    This story was originally published in and is republished with permission.
    The Environment Court has made an urgent order blocking Auckland Council from dropping 1080 poison across the Hunua Ranges near dams providing two-thirds of the city’s water.
    THAT’S 66% of all Auckland’s water.
    Despite knowing of the application to the Court from the Friends of Sherwood Trust and a Court-convened telephone conference call held on Thursday, the council went ahead and covered the bush in the ranges with non-toxic pre-drop pellets – which has to be followed up with 1080 within seven to 10 days.
    The aerial poison drop is part of the council’s fight against possums and other predators which attack native birds and wildlife. It was notified at the end of August and is understood to involve dropping 2kg of 1080 baits per hectare over 23,000 ha of the Hunua park (and some adjoining properties), much of which is catchment for the water supply.
    Judge J A Smith noted the pre-emptive action by the council in going ahead with pre-feed pellets when he later granted the interim injunction: “The council proceeded the drop in the knowledge of this application and therefore at its own peril in the event that the interim orders are granted in the long-term.”
    SMART ARSES….DOING A PRE BAIT BEFORE THE INJUNCTION HEARD…. Note : That the pre bait is part of the 1080 bait process and is not distinct in any way from the 1080 bait process. They went ahead with this even though they were aware of the injunction application. (This would be in contempt of Court), if not a both corrupt and criminal use of Auckland taxpayers money. The 1080 needs be applied 7 – 10 days after the pre-bait. So they will be pushed hard for time once the injunction is denied or allowed, especially since the weather will change.
    HOW DO WE KNOW THAT THE 1080 HAS NOT BEEN APPLIED, disguised as the pre-bait?? They play this type of trick regularly.
    Court delays 1080 drop in the Hunua Ranges
    11:09 am on 9 September 2018
    A group opposed to a 1080 drop in the Hunua Ranges has won an interim injunction stopping it, for now.
    The Auckland Council started the drop of non-toxic baits last week, as a precursor to dropping poisoned bait this week.
    But the ruling by Environment Court judge Jeff Smith has put all that on hold.
    The case – brought by the conservation group Friends of Sherwood Trust – will go to a full hearing next Thursday. The lawyer for the trust, Sue Grey, said it was concerned that 1080 would fall into the water supply. CAN’T FIND THIS FRIENDS OF SHERWOOD TRUST….does it really exist…or a game to look good….what have they employed this nutcase, illogical, liar, women Sue Grey for….????
    “There appears to be no water quality reasons for putting poison in Auckland’s water supply,” she said. “The judge seemed to be concerned and the community are very concerned about the idea that poison would be put in a water supply for any reason that wasn’t necessary.”
    The community had not properly been consulted by the council and other groups will want to give their evidence to the court, she said.
    ENVIRONMENTAL COURT JUDGE: JEFF SMITH………a member of CIArb….in London???
    Get this…. Jeff Smith practised as a lawyer in Tauranga since 1981…till 1995, with Sharp Tudhope then went alone 1995-2000 as a Barrister…didn’t Winston Peters as a lawyer in Tauranga start there around 1983 -2005, along with his drug running buddy Peter Williams. Obviously lawyer Jeff Smith knew lawyer Winston Peters for over 20 years. Winston Peters this year of course approved the most massive 1080 application ever nationwide…suckering everybody in for votes by pretending to have a 1080 moratorium …along with the Molesworth station 140,000 hectares, directly after the elections. (As an offering of sadistic mass murder thanks to Baal we presume).
    Jeff Smith was born in Rotorua where “hells gate” is, which must be ultimately satanic ritual fascinating for Satanists. “the place”, HELLS GATE ITSELF. ..and oops….that’s where the gang baton rape of Louise Nicolas coverup….. Wally Haumaha spent his time…?
    What a very famous paedo plus surname…SMITH….what a famous organisation …CIA …behind GMO’s….mass murders….poisons…. etc.
    Is a member of CIArb. The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) was founded as The Institute of Arbitrators on 1 March 1915.
    CIA is obviously hidden in plain sight??? As the organisation USA citizens are currently hoping to rid of and fold into the NSA before it totally destroys the USA citizenry and Presidency and Constitution.
    INJUNCTION DETAILS: The remedy of a Domestic Violence Injunction is available when the parties are related or live in the same home, although it should be noted that Injunctions are also available in cases involving Repeat Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Violence, and Stalking.
    How to appeal against injunction dismissals.
    SUE GREY ….LAWYER for the Friends of Sherwood Trust …. FEEDBACK = as poor quality a mouthpiece as could ever be imagined.
    COMMENT: Mike Buchanan doesn’t recommend Sue Grey Lawyer.
    5 September at 11:54 · Doesn’t respect evidence or expertise. (Sounds like Lowell Goddard has a corruption competitor). Incapable of reasoning. Don’t recommend.
    COMMENT: Arthur Dent doesn’t recommend Sue Grey Lawyer.
    4 September at 14:16 · “It’s not a good sign when a lawyer is unwilling to consider and/or unable to counter valid, credible evidence that contradicts their preconceived position”. (SHE SETS PEOPLE UP IF SHE IS THIS BAD). Margaret Bazley the second.

    COMMENT: Pablito Woliński reviewed Sue Grey Lawyer –
    4 September at 18:04 · “Really approaches her cases not based on reality. If this is how you would like to be helped might as well read chicken entrails or get a dose of homeopathy to fix your legal troubles. Don’t waste any time with this sucker”.
    COMMENT: Linda Axford doesn’t recommend Sue Grey Lawyer.
    “I heard her today on radio live speaking about aerial 1080 and she obviously hasn’t researched the use of 1080 even as going as far as promoting untruths, I don’t recommend her”.
    MEANING this flapper has no grasp of the 1080 stuff at all. Just another mouthy flapping tongue via a hysterical air wave fronting for Nick Smiths sodomist arse fart.
    The Auckland water supply depends on this total airhead, who has almost no reasoning abilities.
    This obviously looks like controlling the opposition by leading it.
    An airhead lawyer. HOW BAD IS THIS: “If this is how you would like to be helped might as well read chicken entrails or get a dose of homeopathy to fix your legal troubles”. OR ….“Doesn’t respect evidence or expertise. Incapable of reasoning. Don’t recommend”…. A LUNATIC BRAINLESS HYSTERICAL TYRANT TO BOOT. Refusal to listen to or examine valid evidence= cover up specialist tyrant.
    She comes from Nelson which is where Nick Smith ran his paedophile Satanism ritual abuse nationwide rings from, along with Dan Dolejs, chairman of the National party.
    A Judge with paedo “Nick Smith” relations ??? Nelson paedo ring.
    Scampi probe MP quits over affair with lawyer. Guess who?
    2 May, 2003 12:29am
    Ian Ewen-Street, the MP who had to quit for conflict of interest.
    By AUDREY YOUNG political reporter
    A Green MP who quit a probe into corruption in the scampi industry after starting a relationship with one of the inquiry lawyers denies the affair has compromised the investigation.
    Ian Ewen-Street yesterday withdrew from the parliamentary select committee inquiry, citing a “perceived conflict of interest”.
    He began a relationship shortly before Easter with Nelson-based lawyer Susan Grey, who acts for Barine Development.
    Ian Ewen-Street
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Ian Ewen-Street (born 1949) is a New Zealand politician. He was a member of the Green Party and a Member of the New Zealand Parliament for the Greens from 1999 to 2005. He has been prominent in advocacy for organic farming, organic gardening and biosecurity in New Zealand.
    In August 2006, Ewen-Street joined the National Party…ALONG WITH NICK SMITH NO DOUBT…saying his…. passion for the environment… hasn’t changed, but he believes more progress can be made through a major party such as National. (YEAH RIGHT….says Tui).3
    Personal life Ewen-Street was in a relationship with Sue Grey, a Nelson environmental lawyer. Ewen-Street resigned from parliament when he fell in love with Grey while she was appearing before his select committee on the scampi inquiry.[4]
    Ewen-Street also laid a police complaint when Grey was fired from the Department of Conservation,.[5]
    The couple have a young daughter Ysabella, and Grey has a daughter and son from a previous relationship.[6] They have since split up.
    SUE GREY got “sacked” from the Department of Conservation ACCOMPANIED BY a police complaint from Ewen Street.
    IT even has a journalists tag. “The riddle of the sacked lawyer”. 31st Jan 2009. BUT IT IS TOTALLY INACCESSIBLE.
    This is all that can be found, the pages are obviously interfered with.…. Jan 31, 2009 – TANGLED TALE: Ian Ewen-Street and partner Sue Grey. … Police have inquired into a phone call Solicitor-General David Collins made to a government department boss, which is believed to have led to a lawyer’s sacking. The call was made to Conservation Department director-general Al….. so Al…who…???

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