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This just in

Pay attention around you.

Cos #TheyLive

And they are on their way back to the Pitt from whence they came……we will see it with our own eyes.
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In reply to mediawhores.

I found Media whores about 4 weeks ago on a Sunday been visiting daily ever since. When I came across Media Whores I spent a whole day going through the articles. Me and my girlfriend talked about all sorts of things from the Media Whores site all day spinning yarns and talking shit all day and at around 9pm lights shined through the window (a car had pulled up my driveway). I opened the door and went out to the gate and it was a pizza delivery person, asking what my name was.. I said “I didn’t order pizza and to fk off”. I went inside and felt fked as about a pizza randomly being ordered to my address after being on the Media Whores site all day.. Seemed like a gang stalking event. My girlfriend assured me its just a coincidence, I felt it was a message.. (don’t go on MW site). and its almost over night after that 3 fkg cones have appeared on the grass at an empty house that’s for sale right across the road from my house. Its clear they have no fucking reason to be there, no road works happening anywhere or cones anywhere else in my suburb that i have seen, they are even left there while they have the open home viewings. I have a suspicion the cones could be a marker. like in the movie they live. “We’ve got one who can see”. Anyway that’s my rant. Keep up the good work Media Whores

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