Jon MacDonald of Trade Me – Leave the Animals Alone!! #SaveTheLamb #TOS


Featured Image – Jon MacDonald of Trade Me. #SaveTheLamb Twiiter and social media campaign. Enough is enough folks. #StopJonMacDonald


Folks – we have no doubt that this is a great old laugh for many readers. Indeed even Media Whores found ourselves in hysterics a few times while cooking up our pasta dinner tonight – concluding that losing our stupid fkg Trade Me account to get that important warning out to 500,000 odd Kiwis and Trade Me users tonight was well worth it.

But while it might be perfectly acceptable to have a giggle at your own jokes sometimes – in fact some argue the very best medicine for the soul – this Furries thing is really no laughing matter.

Innocent sheep – and God only knows what else – are being harmed by these new age liberal Germans. Or Masons. Or fake Jews or whatever you want to call them. Just plain old snakes is best, as we have said.

And consider this – Trade Me NZ have entire categories dedicated to the trade in animals right?  Can you imagine the power this gives them over the poor little animals?

So ask yourselves – if the Trade Me management are shutting down the accounts of those in New Zealand who expose these ‘elite corporate Nazi pedophiles’ and their pedophile rings – what else do you think they will be up to?

This is really an issue for the animal rights groups of New Zealand – if not Peter Thiel/ Jacinda Ardern him/herself.

Media Whores is trying to focus on getting the new Republic underway and we cannot really afford to get distracted with issues such as saving the sheep and other animals from sexual exploitation by the Trade Me management and the likes.

The least we can do however is help get that hash tag out there – and maybe send it to everyone on Jon MacDonald’s twitter account – to try and alert them to the problem. Perhaps other honest and caring members of society can then help keep an eye out for Jon MacDonald and the team at Trade Me – not least around the pet friendly neighborhoods that they most likely live, and especially if any of them show up on ‘holiday’ around the rural areas of New Zealand, looking a little suspicious, or disheveled.

Come on folks – it really is time we all rallied together and said – enough is enough to these greedy self obsessed German elite lunatics running the show.

Help spread this one !!

#SaveTheLamb !




Jon MacDonald & the Trade Me Team – the Furies are Loose! #TOS





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