Up to 20,000 German Jew Pedophiles Visit New Zealand Every Year


Featured Image – Volker Beck, of the German Green Party–  pedophile and crack addict. It’s a ‘liberal’ corporate epidemic. 


Volker Beck – German Homosexual, Pedophile, And Muslim Invasion Supporting Politician Gets Busted By Police On Crystal Meth ChargesSource

The head of the Media Whores statistics department – Alex Bowden – came up with those numbers btw – up to 20,000 German Jew pedophiles now visiting New Zealand every year.

We asked for the specifics behind that number and his reply was simply “Just try going on holiday now in the summer and look around you”.

Cheers Alex – the cheque is in the mail……as per usual.

Homosexual Pedophile German Jews Run the West

The David Clark MP Nazi Satanist Pedophile Ring – Full List of Names – Justin Davis……#PizzaGateNZ

Pedophile Nazi Transvestite Satanists have Taken Over – Gaylene Preston

Chief Justice Sian Elias has turned New Zealand into a Pedophiles Paradise – by Design

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