21 More Missed Calls from Psychotic Sam Raines of The Web Guys Auckland #TOS #TheFuries


Featured Image – Sam Raines of The Web Guys Auckland. Apparently a rather spoiled little brat. 


This just in folks…..apparently 21 more missed calls from Sam Raines of The Web Guys in Auckland. It apparently only shows a few unread messages because the guy had already read the other 30 or so Sam had sent.  Unsure if he is still waiting outside the Auckland apartment building to show the guy his new tattoo and ‘have coffee’ or not – but looks like Sam might be now headed off down to Christchurch to see if he can ‘meet up’ – having already sent a death threat….actually now even proudly stating that he / she is “the Beast” (666)…

Can’t make this shit up…..

Sam – this is not some sort of homosexual Netflix TV series or even some sort of Tinder / Grinda online romance.

Your company was approached about a possible business arrangement and you then took the information that was provided to you in good faith and launched an attack the very next day on that man’s business.

This is called being dishonorable.

Actually we are told that your manager Bill Smith even rang up and had a discussion about the idea in the first instance – and that you even called the guy at one stage and made him an instant cash offer and then laughing and stating “I am not even human”. (yes seriously folks)


When you were called out on your attack  today you then started texting photos of your ass being tattooed and issuing death threats.

This is called being psychotic.

You then also made it clear that you knew full well about the Media Whores website – even after claiming you had no idea why the attack was launched today by your staff.



That is called being deceptive and dishonest

Would you like us to string all that together for you mate?

Dishonorable, psychotic, lying, deceptive……..Beast/ Bitch.

Now we don’t know what sort of upbringing you had mate – but you are now making website designers look bad, as well as redheads look bad, and we would guess probably also homosexuals look bad. In fact you probably even make dairy farmers look bad. And we would imagine that most other Kiwis who fit those categories would quite prefer that you pulled your head in.

You were contacted and given the chance to apologise for your actions – you refused – and then the first article went live.

Kiwis want to live in an honest society mate – not one run by lunatic, deceptive terrorists and social media addicts. One where they can do business honestly and with ethics – without the risk of some psychopaths running around trying to break and destroy everything just for the fun of it.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Please – for your sake and the sake of others – pull your head in

We invite you to try listening to the soothing music in the video below and see if it helps you come to terms with your behavior. Or perhaps even the cause of it.




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      mediawhores says:

      so was launching an unprovoked attack on our related businesses
      we are all instructed to respond with the ‘sword of truth’

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