Death Threats Received from Sam Raines of The Web Guys Auckland #TOS


Featured Image – Sam Raines of The Web Guys Auckland – now sending death threats through to those associated with Media Whores via text message. See images below. This is your new breed of ISIS terrorist folks……posing as a new age liberal. 


Shit – its not the same shape shifting demon using different I.D’s is it? No visible voice box either we note. 

These people are certifiable.

Do these fruitcakes actually want to be on the front page of this website??

The business associated with some of Media Whores website hosting had put their feelers out recently in the market to get an idea of what part of their business might be worth if it were to sell. We are unsure if this was to get a value or if they are serious about selling.

Certain details were provided with the information they provided so as to give other parties an idea of value. This was done in good faith and was just general sort of information which would be available on a simple Google search anyway – to give an idea of numbers, and nothing too detailed.

That information was also provided to The Web Guys of Auckland who then contacted the business owner and asked further questions. Again in good faith – as everything bloody well should be.

Today that business owner received 3 calls from his clients in rapid succession telling him that another company had contacted them and told them their websites were in danger and they should come in for  a meeting quickly – or something along those lines at least. Which was all lies. Turns out that business was The Website Guys from Auckland and a salesmen by the name of Nabi Tabarruk who works for them. Nabi had been put on the task for the day it appears.

The business owner phoned ‘Nabi’ who claimed he was just doing his job – so then contacted the owner / manager Sam Raines and asked why he had decided to turn around today suddenly and use the information provided to him (which is all publicly available information anyway) to launch an attack on his business all of a sudden.

Sam Raines said he didn’t know his sales manager was phoning all of the clients – but couldn’t explain how his sales manager got the information to start with. Actually he denied that his sales manager would have had it – but clearly he did.

The business owner then told Sam Raines what he thought of him and that he would ‘make him famous’ ie) expose his sharky / dishonorable behavior and #TOS

Sam Raines explained that he was currently in getting a tattoo but would “come and find you” when finished.

He is now apparently waiting outside the guys apartment building Auckland address and apparently left 12 voice messages and numerous text messages – including death threats. Like a bitch. See below. Also some in which he mentions the Media Whores website – showing he knew about that all along – presumably making his actions and motivation very clear – even though he denied it all. He had clearly seen that last article go up within minutes – and it was not sent to him.

These are the fruit cakes that sit there all day watching this website closely – but will never admit it – presumably because it is them that we are exposing.

The subversive trouble makers in our communities. Those who work at night against their fellow man.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? They seem inherently incapable of any basic honesty. Fraudulent and dishonest/ dishonorable sure – but also quite simply out of their minds.

Sam Raines – if you do not behave like a demon snake – you will not get treated like a demon snake.

Kiwis want to live in an honest and honorable Nation. Not one infested with snakes.

You were approached in good faith. Learn some fkg manners.

Apparently Sam Raines is still waiting outside the office address of this man – calling and texting him….like a woman scorned.

Sam we have been asked to pass on the following message – he is sure your latest tattoo is really cute, but he is not looking for a relationship – in fact doesn’t even date boys anyway – or snakes – so you really need to slither off back to the hole in the ground that you came from – cheers.

The beast is a bitch and I see it. 


Nabi Tabarruk of The Web Guys Launches Attack on Media Whores #TOS

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2 thoughts on “Death Threats Received from Sam Raines of The Web Guys Auckland #TOS”

  1. Reply
    Done says:

    Kia kaha media whores!
    I don’t get why someone would send a video of them getting tattooed to someone they are threatening unless they didn’t get enough likes on facebook or something…

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      you got it man
      always good to know there are other sane people out there
      perhaps he thinks it is some sort of Grinda date??

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