Has Anyone Actually Ever Seen 1080?


Featured Image – from the video below. We should only use “humane poisons” on animals. #TOS

Has anyone actually ever seen 1080?

Or just second hand stories? Like Pike River?

Some images from the video below – none of the paper work they show is official – it is all blanked out or just plain printed paper.

And watch out for the 9’s. 1080 = 9 also.

And the purple/ saturn

…and always the redheads folks

Just saying….

This is just a 20 min look at the whole thing.

Also find it hard to take farmers seriously these days – they murder millions of animals every year and now suddenly care about them and our environment?

Also interesting that the babies do not die in the pouches – despite their mothers getting a lethal dose…

And the horses dying right next to a farm house. Plus a “pet cow” in the back shed. More uncertain paper work. And do they froth at the mouth or bleed at the mouth? Or are they just whacked out on drugs? Or whacked over the head?

And poor old Jeff/ Jack Patchet who had the worst case ever of TB (another hoax) ..and “33” reactors”. Rotten bloody luck old Jack, except for owning a massive back country station of course…..

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4 thoughts on “Has Anyone Actually Ever Seen 1080?”

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    Eve Adams says:

    Could it be that they are using 1080 as a cover up for where they hold Masonic Rituals? Certainly the case in America and ireland where they forbid people from entering certain areas of bush land due to ‘poison ivy’ or ‘rabies’ or ‘regulations’ etc etc.

    All so they can get themselves some of that “Golden Nectar” – Adrenochrome. And of course the other sick shit they do …

    The more of us that keep exposing it the more precautions these sick fks take and the less Adrenochrome they get which in turn leads to them suffering. Good on you guys.

    So is that why they’re now Possibly lying about a dangerous poison so they have secluded areas to practise their homosexuality and pedophilia?

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      mediawhores says:

      and just go live in peace probably also
      although living in peace does seem to mean gay sex, meth and kids most of the time
      it is a way to slowly buy up all of the land – forces people off.
      they probably send in ewen macdonald at night to whack deer and cows over the head after a’drop’
      nik minute – the farm is up for sale and those kiwis whose families have lived there for generations are buying a new 3 bedroom prison cell in a new rangiora housing estate, and another redhead owns a giant dairy station
      bloody good business if you can pull it off
      all you need – is a little redhead retard dressed in purple – holding a sign – on the 666 clock news

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        Eve Adams says:

        Well said. 1080s part of the dairy industry corruption, they don’t own any of the fkn land to begin with, a corrupt treaty and an infestation of demon possessed snakes has justified them claiming it as ‘theirs’. We belong to the earth, not the other way round. Slime balls are definitely upping their fluoride/chlorine agenda big time however, every town supply is riddled with it and what people don’t realise is that they keep upping the concentration ppm, people can test it for themselves within their local ‘community’. The water we find in the ‘food’ from the supermarket contains the heaviest ratio to water amounts of fluoride as its dangerous to simply dump as it erodes etc so its easier to put it in the water and food supplies. If anything they’re possibly dropping straight sodium fluoride calling it 1080?

        Sadly New Zealand has become a homosexual pedophiles paradise, right across the board.

        Thank Goodness its not for much longer đŸ™‚

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