Nabi Tabarruk of The Web Guys Launches Attack on Media Whores #TOS


Featured Image – Nabi Tabarruk of The Web Guys and Ray White in Auckland, run by Sam Raines and Bill Smith. We have an infestation of demons/ parasites/ snakes. #TOS


The fake Jewing Intensifies……

Every day a new attack.

Is it because the pedophilia is coming out – and they don’t like it?

Check this out – we have the owner of The Web Guys Auckland – who has gotten a hold of a list of clients that someone associated with Media Whores deals with – and has clearly instructed this Muslim dude Nabi Tabarruk to phone around and tell them lies and try to bring them in for a meeting designed to uplift that business.

What a bunch of crooks.

Kiwis want to live an honest and fair Nation – where by people act and behave in good faith – not one run by snakes who constantly run around trying to cause trouble and mischief. #TOS

Note we are not saying we have any direct evidence that Sam Raines of The Web Guys is another of these serial kiddie fiddlers – but it does seems to be the same old gang on repeat doesn’t it folks ……chasing us around, spying on us, and carrying out acts of sabotage……..all very upset about the child abuse allegations and exposure of such………almost like the same old demons on repeat…..


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