We have an Infestation of Demons – Santos Bonacci


Featured Image – the parasites that are living inside the bellies and bodies of all human beings who eat animal products, or who are in touch with those who eat animal products and then feed these parasites high sugar content and processed foods.These parasites then grow and grow inside your body, some even getting up to 1-2 meters in length within your intestines and then start dictating your behavior every day – turning you into a parasite. They completely take you over. You even slowly start to look like them.


You know Bonacci says it best when he says “we have an infestation of demons”.

We struggled with that one for a while also – Media Whores being as keen as the next man to blame the Nazis. the Jews, the Communists, the Soviets, the Royals, and our own ‘elite’ snakes such as Sam Morgan.

That word snakes is just as good really. Professional parasites – leaching off all of us.

And then those who dutifully follow all of their anti human laws and rules – the corporate minions who worship those above them as if they were their Gods, or just enslaved by them and under mind control perhaps better put. All of them riddled with the sorts of parasites above, and thus now slaves themselves.

Once you are suitably riddled with these parasites and worms – you open yourself up to what is known (and has always been known as) ‘Demonic Possession”. This is the demonic possession that we are now capturing on high spec digital film these days – demons actually manifesting in human beings.

Primarily this process is due to all of the killing we no engage in – most obviously the blood sacrifice of millions of dairy cows and other farmed animals every year, then all of the poisons in the food and water supply, the fake/ toxic medications and cancer ‘treatments’, the 1080, the glycophate all over the gardens and on and on.

In just 30 or more years New Zealand has gone from being a relative garden of eden to a relative hell hole – purely by the design of these occult elitists – and mostly just due to all of the blood sacrifice – the breaking of the number one law of ‘God’ – Do not kill.



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