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Featured Image – Matt Damon – faggot.

And now the news…..

Hey about the retard thing folks – as we have said before – retards are some of the most innocent, nicest people you will every meet. Not sure when that word become so disliked.

We just don’t think they should be running the entire Nation and biggest corporations, nor do we think it is a good idea to give them signs to wave around asking people why they are retarded – for political purposes and objectives. That is a job for parents. And if they want to help at all they should be making statements about the vaccines as well as all of the vaccines and other toxins in the animal products and food supply these days.

We have covered the word faggot a few times also – these are the types who like to play high fashion dress up and/or run around trying to have sex with everything. As far as we can tell they are often men who pretend to be straight and always go on about all the sex they have – and then at some point turn out to be faggots. Keep it to yourselves….nobody is interested.

And we refuse to modify the language we grew up using just to satisfy some foreign inbred homosexual monied class and their political objectives/ corporate takeover of our Nation.

This morning we had what looked very much like an angry grown up retard doing a slow deliberate drive by our place. The last thing we want is a war with the retards. Or the faggots. Or with some website designer from Auckland. More threats from Sam Raines today also – says he has ‘found out where we are’ and sounds quite dedicated to making an appearance – another lunatic stalker to add to the long list – in fact that might have just been Sam Raines disguised as a retard……or shape shifting even.

You see how these demons work? First they set you up, lure you in, or attack you in some way – then try and turn around and make you feel guilty for it.

Not very interested in an all out war at all really.

Want we really want is to help educate our fellow Kiwis on how to survive this apocalypse – or invasion of demonic corporate snakes or whatever the hell it is.

And we maintain that we have the right to set up and run our own website designed for that purpose. Even if those who own and run the existing system of child abuse and satanism don’t like it very much.

So remember folks – if it is on your TV, it is a hoax….and almost certainly a faggot. Get those gender bending chemicals and animal products out of your diets and you will not suffer….as much – nor be as prone to fall for all of the hoaxes…..or become a faggot……or give birth to kids with serious health issues.

And that’s all the news today.



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