Did 1080 cause the Little Retard?


Featured Image – it can’t be ruled out that the 1080 is causing all of the retards. People sure are getting uglier, thats for sure. 


Media Whores is a little suspicious these days about anything we see in the media which we have not either experienced or seen with our own eyes.

Which is all of it really.

1080 included.

We have seen the signs up all over the Nation of course – warning us not to go into the evil/poisoned bush.

Along with the homosexual skull and cross bones/ Planet X/ Saturn/ Sirius symbolism

And the birds have seemed a little quiet at times to be fair.

But we would not be at all surprised to learn that the entire thing is a hoax. Designed to cause never ending fear – like the rest of it.

And that sign stands out to us also – always the redheads – always controlling the opposition – in the least.

And the little retard with the purple top on.

Maybe 1080 did cause the retard – but this whole thing smells a bit fishy in our view also.

The other thing that stood out to us in those videos we posted was just how many of our huge back cuntree stations are owned by these poor long suffering redheads. The poor souls having 1080 poison dropped all over the thousands of hectares land. They are the real victims here if this is real. As well as the poor little redhead retard pictured above.

Has Anyone Actually Ever Seen 1080?



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