Aziz Al-Sa’afin – How Much is Maori Culture Worth in Crack Whores and Cold Hard Counterfeit Jewish Cash?


Featured Image – shape shifting snake Aziz Al-Sa’afin of ‘Jewish’ owned Media Works. By Jeez, now we are all Sufferin’. 


Aziz Al-Sa’afin – the little Muslim immigrant meterosexual / homosexual – explains how much Maori and New Zealand culture and history could be worth in terms of cold hard cash – and crack whores….

Aziz Al-Long been Sufferin’ was rescued as a kid from the Israeli invasions of Palestine – or some other shit – and then studied at ‘Sticky’ TV child sex grooming school – so is quite clearly now well and truly qualified to pose this question….to anyone stupid enough to watch Media Works for their ‘news’ to begin with….

Look Aziz – we appreciate it was not your fault that one of your parents hooked up with a snake – but get the fk off our TV screens, and out of our politics you demonic little snake  #TOS. Go and make coffee or something useful.

Image – the other guy that ‘groomed’ Aziz – Mark ‘I don’t spy on the kids’ Sainsbury. Beast 1 and 2 – now working together to save us all from their war of terror. #TheyLive #TheyLive #TheyLive……



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