Curiosity Stream – First Man



You are a monkey.

Make no mistake about it.

You came from monkeys.

Your entire family are monkeys.

Living on a magic spinning gravity ball which is flying though space at a gazillion miles every hour – but luckily – our scientists invented ‘gravity’ so you have not fallen off and have survived……so far.

Be thankful. And keep paying your taxes.

[Insert KFC ad break] 

Every few thousands years – at the end of the Glowball business cycle – the Jews role out all of this wonderful new technology and get you to photograph and document the entire planet, population and system around you – for free – which is all sent back to Israel & Saudi Arabia and stored in giant black cube servers disguised as religious monuments and/or pyramids.

Then we finally switch it all off suddenly one night – on a specially chosen astrological date – and send you all back to the dark ages again.

Before we do it however – we run ‘Curiosity Stream’ promos all day and night on Jewtube aimed at slowly reprogramming any of the monkeys who have started straying towards truth – while also trying to convince everybody to war with each other once the lights go out.

A few hundred years later once the true story of what we did has become a little confused and dulled in your monkey brains – we start to reappear in brand new sailing boats – and pretend to be your friends again – offering you sugar and dairy cows in exchange for your land…and children – all over – and thus begins a whole new cycle………..

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