Breaking – Is there a Controversy between the King and #TOS ?



Thought we should quickly put this one to rest folks……

There is no controversy between the King and #TOS.

Media Whores has given full credit to #TOS and his fine work, at every turn. Except for the very obvious flat Earth and Nasa hoax stuff he has missed.

We do not dispute that he is the King of exposing the shape shifters and the snakes.

King James of Christ’s Church on the other hand is the first King of the new Republic of New Zealand.

Although possibly one too many new’s in that, they are still two totally different things.

#TOS will of course be welcomed if he chooses to visit the new Republic at any stage.

Even if he hasn’t yet figured out that he will be traveling over a flat Plane to attend the reunion – and agrees to abide by the law and not kill and eat dead stuff during his stay. Same as other visitors. Starbucks is out also – unless they start using organic coconut milk and cut the hek293.

Long live the respective Kings

And #TOS

Sure can sing and dance but….

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One thought on “Breaking – Is there a Controversy between the King and #TOS ?”

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    Jack says:

    Congratulations to the person, in the comments section of September “fishing and outdoors magazine” who rediscovered the 1990’s facts of Forest and bird, that they were “very concerned at the irreparable damage caused by 1080”, until they got taken over by other political interests as just another political front organisation. Just like the majority of Maori culture groups have been taken over. And almost any other political group and political party. By the paedophile Satanist occult Nazi mafia agenda, run from the UK base in London.
    The very sudden push against Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux by some ten leftist socialist groups simultaneously is a good indication of “rent a crowd”, and the use of violence at work.
    Which brings me to Trevor the duck Mallard and the sudden discovery that the dead birds presented by the “hikoi of a poisoned land”, group, at Parliament on 11th September, “suddenly”, were found to have died from blunt force trauma.
    That makes for interesting propaganda from a group of mass murdering sadists. Hidden in little parliamentary cubicles. Either that evidence comes from a veterinarian (not paid for by DOC, note: Barry O’Neil the head vet for DOC, with a masters degree in bullsh*t, several years ago was in the paper alongside the head of DOC, saying “1080 is a specific killer”. Or it is invalid.
    Just more propaganda to try and get the compassion vote, of the drugged up and dumbed down public, “of what a nasty group of native bird killers”. Whereas it is the beehive that houses the killers of many hundreds of millions of native birds, disguised as 1080 ppoison.
    When dealing with the likes of Trevor Mallard, any such material put forward, by such a perverted and sadistic sick and monstrous regime, of psychopathic liars, MUST be accompanied by some kind of verifiable report. So then when it does come to stand that the complaint to the police is found to be fabricated, then they can be charged with several offences regarding the perverting and obstruction of the course of justice. Just like Nick Smith was when it came to the satanic ritual abuse of children in Christchurch where Peter Ellis got stitched up wrongfully and deliberately, and the dozen or more people involved, were never found. SUGGEST the birds will be missing plenty of feathers after being chucked around the room a few times, and check the heads to see if a vice was used to crush the heads of already dead birds.

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