Jordan Maxwell – its Not the Jews , its the Aliens


Dear oh dear

All that expertise in breaking down the language – and still can’t figure out that Jesuits = Jews in Suits

ie) Gatekeeper.

Same thing with their “International bankers” line. The entire monetary system is based on precious metals – or always has been in the past at least. That being your Jew-lers.

It’s not rocket science is it?

They knew the old matrix was going to break down – so released their gatekeeper agents out into the fold, many years in advance.

Maxwell clearly also has some / or a lot of that shape shifter DNA. The very profile we often point out.

Bonacci exposes much more of the hidden knowledge – but tends to do the same as Maxwell with the ‘Jesuits’ thing. Can’t seem to figure out that word but can figure out all of the others.

Still – the knowledge is interesting….and there is definitely some alien shit going on also…..possibly the same thing.


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4 thoughts on “Jordan Maxwell – its Not the Jews , its the Aliens”

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      mediawhores says:

      santos has been a bit light on the snakes
      but knowledge is power – and it is very clear that is the knowledge all the rest of the frauds do not want discussed.
      unsure if it is practical to expect all humans to learn it – but it should be the starting point. not nasa and ball earth and flesh eating/ slavery.
      it is western astrology he teaches.
      our knowledge/ the knowledge of our forefathers.

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    Eve Adams says:

    Jews in suits or Jesus with an it. Definitely the Jesuits, a priest is another name for a new aged black magician or Wizard. These fuckers use the Talmud as a ‘how to’ guide book to take over the world, they’re the ones running the show in my opinion and everything else is a distraction, including crowley to an extent. A bunch of dirty old homosexual, pedophile priests/rabbis sodomites who practise beastiality are behind the curtain. Wizard of OZ/Zion.

    I swear they’re trying to wake us up and its a complete piss to those who still sleep.

    As amazing as what Santos has done, he still conveniently leaves information out, as well as reassuring his audience with the ‘OK’ sign on the odd occasion and I don’t think he’s worked out the Transgender agenda either, still seems to do interviews with lots of them. A lot of Topics Santos has shared he’s only given the audience about 80%, the same as the bible, vital parts are missing but the information is out there. Awakening the Christ within is amazing but again, he misses vital points in regards to this 😉

    Is Revelation 13:18 about Jesus?

    If a = 1 and z = 26 and everything else in between corresponds:

    J = 10 E = 5 S = 19 U = 21 S = 19 = 74.

    74 x 9 = 666

    Good article!

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      mediawhores says:

      74 is actually 11. which is 2.
      also the twin towers in masonry and rome.
      also division.
      the father and the sun perhaps

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