Russell Brand to Play Jimmy Savile on Media Works New Zealand’s ‘Sticky’ TV


Featured Image – Russell Brand is the new Jimmy Savile


Folks you must protect your children from these Jewish / fake Jew owned foreign corporations.

Media Works, Trade Me, Netflix, Sky TV, The Herald, those revolting transvestite sex magazines all over the shop counters, their fast food companies…..and on and on.

They are designed to take as many of you and your children off to hell with them as they can. Pure and simple. This is their ‘God’ / Dog…Saturn/ Satan/ Yahu and his/her Assyrian bitch – ISIS/ Sirius…..

The ones with the snakes tongues – that’s the Jewish/ snake DNA. Watch the tongues – and shape shifting. It is not ‘of this World’.

Check this out – Media Works Sticky TV – kicked off the media careers of both Sam Wallace and Aziz Al-Sa’afin (the new breed/ second beast).

“I was born in Kuwait and the Gulf War happened. So we were caught in the war and I essentially lived the first 18 months of my life in a bunker at our house. It was pretty crazy”

Aziz can remember his life as an 18 month old baby – hands up who else can? He is a liar.

“Yes. We ended up coming here and, from memory, we managed to get status here and ended up getting official residency. ”

From memory? You mean the story you have been given. This is called implanted memories folks. Our guess is Aziz is one of these modern day child kidnapping victims – of these elite globalist/ corporate Jews.

But clearly has the snake/ Jew DNA – check out the tongue…..and always the colours of Yahu/ Saturn – telling you who they are – a ‘satanic’ child abuse cult…..

Now check this out – got his start on ‘Sticky’ TV with Jewish owned Media Works. Sticky indeed. As did Sam Wallace and many more of these snakes. These are your next generation of degenerate inbred media whores who will be paid to feed you and your family fake news, fake science and fake terrorism their entire careers, before disappearing in a cloud of their own meth pipes like Paul Holmes and the likes….a trail of child abuse scandals and fellow terrorist children and disowned half breed children in their wake……

” I did Sticky TV. I worked on that show initially as a production assistant. I came in as a work-experience boy and they called me up two weeks later and said ‘Hey we’ve got this job going’. I freaked out because I wanted to finish uni and take the job. Three years later I had done a lot of directing with them and I just sort of found my way into the newsroom at TV3.”

Here is your ‘Sticky’ TV….

Now just glance over the Media Whores headlines below – and watch the #TOS videos which follow – and figure the rest out for yourselves…….

Then act to protect your kids from these demonic corporate Jews and their never ending child abuse……..Their media companies and corporations are the new Churches for the brainwashed Goy……

Everyone you see on your TV is a lunatic snake DNA homo and or tranny…….and they want your kids to join them……they think it is normal.

It is a Nazi pedophile satanist beast system these 666 beasts run across the West…..these days at least…..they have completely taken over.

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