Don Brash – I Wipe My Ass With Your ‘Human Rights’ #TOS


Featured Image – Don Brash – not human, but wants to tell you what your ‘human rights’ are. Another snake from the Pitt. As are ALL of the fake left right ‘leaders’ you see on any / every TV debate.


Don Brash – Media Whore’s wipes its ass with your ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom of speech’.

Our rights do not come from you – nor any of your fellow transvestite snake niggas. And we will say whatever we fkg well like.

Our ‘rights’ come from the very fact that we are here –  from our Creator, above. Not below….from the Pitt – where you snakes have all come up from.

PS: did no one ever teach you that it is rude to stick out your tongue? Don Brash now holds the record for tongue action, as well as the 666 tranny hand sign. Actually we suspect Don Brash could be a role played by Doug Meyers, who faked his death some years back. Same old demons on repeat folks. These snakes do not die.

Also note the standard redhead ‘opposition’ rent a crowd. All sides of the debate controlled….so there is no way out. No actual ‘freedom’ at all.




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