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Gen 1:29 and Daniel 4:12..and Rev 22:2

The online version of Daniel 4:12 has replaced the word “meat” with “fruit” so will not link it.

The original meaning of “meat” in the Bible is fruit and veg.

If you eat dead animals you are not a “meat” eater. You are a “flesh eater”.

Flesh is also what you have sex with.

ie) that makes you a Necromonger/ Necrophiliac.

Try no dead animals for 7 days sometime. Surely something everyone should try at least once in their life.

The hardest thing about it is what you then start to see around you…..The living dead.

No more blood curdling farts all over your partner at night. No more homosexual doctors putting their hands and other objects up your anus….like those dairy cows you eat and drink.

And those who are ill or suffering from the various fake diseases will be damn near healed in 7 days. Then try 14 days to finish it off.




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