The Gates of Hell – When did we become a Nation that Worships Demons?


Featured Image – Keita Nobilo and Millie Holmes . There is no such thing as a Noble demon folks.  That Nobilo ‘chick’  is one of the scariest looking Nazis we have come across yet. 


‘Oppsie Daddy died from a meth overdose – but shit there is a LOT of money’

When did New Zealand become a Nation that worships demons? Or just plain old faggots for that matter.

That is what we have become – or are fast becoming.

All of these child abuse victims driving around with faggot demons on the backs of their cars and trucks.

And that is exactly what it is – ‘Satan’ is a transgendered homosexual goat. We have covered that well enough surely. And that is not ‘Maori art’ below btw – thats a fkg demon…..

These ‘elite’ Jewish/ German/ British Israel / fake Jewish rich lister families have raped so many kids in our land that we now have a small army of these demonic retards proudly displaying it on the backs of their cars. They celebrate it. Most still in the pockets of the same pedophile freaks that caused the problem to start with.

Now even teaching pedophilia and child abuse / transgendering to kids in our schools.

The Nation’s biggest online market place now marketing child sex and murder dolls to kids.

And around the clock sex, and murder on all of the TV screens, from Media Works and Hollywood etc

Toxic chemicals in all of the corporate foods – all of the Jew owned wineries adding toxic cancer causing sulphites as well as poisoning entire towns with all of their sprays and fertilizers. Blenheim being one obvious example – now surrounded by nigga winery rich listers – most of whom are serial pedophiles and /or drug addicts. The dairy farmers are their poorer cousins but do even more harm.

Well it is pretty simple isn’t it….

Follow the money.

This entire demonic corporate pedophile agenda is being run by these Talmudic Jewish/ German/ British Israel families. Hands down the sickest cnts in our Nation – and the most powerful, because we stood back and let them take over completely, with all of their fraud, lies, deceit and practice of the dark arts.

Their religious texts promise them complete control – if they agree to go out into the World and kill everything and rape everyone’s kids for their Old Testament ‘God’ Saturn/ Satan/ eL/ the Lord.

Then all prancing around the place in high faggot fashion, as if they are our Gods.

If there were any real justice they would all be dragged out of their luxury homes and pelted with rocks.

That is where we are currently at – but the last part of the Biblical script is to ‘open the gates of hell’ and destroy / set fire to everything around them – as they all flee back to their new promised land with all of the money they have stolen from us. It is an occult / metaphysical thing they do – quite literally opening the gates of hell and releasing all of the’ demons’ back among us…..

We covered that the other day – Nazi is Nasi – the highest order of priests in Judaic/ Persian Masonry – however well intentioned some of the German National Socialists may have been – they were clearly misled. Baited and then misled……


This destruction is then blamed on all of us – for not ‘following God’s word.

All good Kiwis need to start calling these people what they are – demonic Nazi/ Zionist faggots. These media personalities, rich listers, pink shirt and high heel wearing corporate types, politicians, demon bumper sticker faggots etc etc.

We could at least start getting the language right…..all those posing as ‘authority’ and ‘leadership’ these days – the ones in the high fashion – they are Nazi faggots….a gang of lying serial thieves…..demons in short.









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