The Jesuits are the Jews in Suits – Santos Bonacci


Unbelievable how this stuff gets served up to us sometimes. Not by Youtube this time – we just posted this re the vege diet thing and had another listen – sure enough – Bonacci stating that the Jesuits are the Jews. In suits. Black suits. Saturnian. We had already figured that out but should give him credit here.

And hands up who knew that Fidel Castro runs the Pentagon? Something we have mentioned before. Castro being another Fernese we think he said – but check below.

Bonacci names all of the ‘elite’ Persian / Roman/ Red Man / Jewish families in this video. The ones who own all of the religions and this sicko global corporate system run by greedy/ money hungry whack jobs and psychopaths.

Another interesting name was the “Collins” family. Also Russell. Jungle Surfer has done some good work on the more European of the elite families – but they all trace back to these Persian desert snakes….

Skip to 12 mins for the names – right through to 25 mins… 22 mins re the Saturnian Jews.

Here is another good one “The Rothschilds poop themselves when the Cecil, Percy and Pallavicini families show up and give them their orders”. 34 mins


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