Graeme Hart – Faggot #TOS


Featured Image – Graeme Hart – another inbred snake . Apparently can’t even afford a fkg dentist.??!!


Folks these people are not human beings.

And they now own everything. A punch of poofter child abusing snakes.

The entire system is rigged – and run by these thieving corporate pedophile ring inbred bastards – who are poisoning all of the food…and farming the entire nation – us included.

Graeme Hart rounded up half the Nation’s food supply – added poisons to all of it – then sold it all off. prices have quadrupled since – and this inbred little faggot expects Kiwis to worship him as a god?

Graeme Hart – you re a top class fkwit and most likely another of these serial pedophiles also. Nobody likes you – fk off.

In the new Republic – all of your assets will be seized and you will do 10 years organic farm labour.




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