Masonic Corporate Gang Stalking Live Interview on the Gay Rights #TOS



Masonic Corporate Gang Stalking Live Interview – on the Gay Rights……

Rule number one of Masonic fag gang stalking – you have never even heard of the Masons……..but you are quite sure they do not rape kids.

Got hours of this shit on film – as we said.

Poor little omo was most likely fiddled with as a kid also.

Hundreds of these corporate sodomites and child abuse victims stalking us all over the Nation.

Indeed – they think it is normal….and doubtful most of them have ever even acknowledged their own child abuse – the very cause of their ‘political correctness’ and current state of MK Ultra mind control.

“Forgive him – and his father – for it is indeed intergenerational”  – KJRV


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9 thoughts on “Masonic Corporate Gang Stalking Live Interview on the Gay Rights #TOS”

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    Sham says:

    They’re opening a new ‘adult entertainment bar’ in Taupo in October, called “sin city”. Its going to be opened right next to Finns pub.

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        Antha says:

        A couple of ‘women’ from Tauranga are doing it, apparently they have a few others located around the country. Will definitely be tied in with that businessman, one of them looks a full blown tranny.

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    Done says:

    Media Whores I have a weird story for ya mate… So I realized the other day that I don’t need a whole heap of crap like an ‘Xbox one’ to sit there and irradiate myself with for hours on end, long story short I went to a pawn shop to get rid of the thing down ferry road which has a ‘Hell’s Pizza’ right next to it… So my girlfriend is in the pawn shop and I’m wanting out side in the car park. A brand new little Suzuki Swift pulled into the car park behind me and a Freemason type (Old as probably in his 70’s, White, had shorts on pulled up ridiculously high and a collar top tucked in and knee high socks on and a leather belt and so on) got out and went into Hell’s Pizza It was like 20 minutes later he came out with one pizza and could barely walk his socks were no longer knee high, his belt was missing, his top was no longer tucked in and he was holding his shorts up with one hand and they were nearly falling down to his knees, he was also as red as a tomato and had really messy hair. What did he do in Hell’s Pizza? It Was just the strangest thing I have ever seen and made no logical sense. Media Whores have you noticed similar things like this? If I was to throw a theory out there it would be Pizzagate

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      mediawhores says:

      possibly drugging and sexually abusing their staff.
      or could be some sort of new age gay spa for faggots – disguised as a pizza franchise?
      looking at the owners – anything is possible.
      not sure if they could keep kids in the basement and get away with it though??

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      mediawhores says:

      well he certainly volunteered.
      hundreds of the fkg queers – up and down the nation
      they can all go to hell…where they belong

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