New Zealand is being Run by Homosexual Pedophile Snakes #TOS


Featured Image – Gareth Green Taupo Council

We are riddled with these fkg homosexual pedophile / pedophile victim corporate snakes…..

Gareth Green of Taupo who is the CEO of Taupo district council is a 100% confirmed homosexual, sleeping with other men within the council confirmed by a police officer. I can confirm he socialises with a pedophile named Nigel Newberry and i can 100% confirm Gareth Green is covering up pedophilia in Taupo – working in tandem with the homosexual pedophile named david trewavas and working with rich listers from rotorua.

Myself and one other can attest to the fact that Gareth Green the CEO of Taupo Distrct council who is a 100% confirmed freemason (which we can prove) has been sleeping with other men, other men who have pedophile allegations.

Allegedly the pieces of shit who run Taupo wanted Justin David Silenced when he was in Taupo -I have heard this from a close friend of mine who lived at reads farm when justin did. These people include the mayor and Gareth green”

Martin Williams Funeral Directors

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