‘Gay Rights’ are Actually Pedophile Rights


Featured Image – Gareth Foster of Private Box Auckland with ‘Wan’. We concur. 


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood – but against Nazi/ Zionist faggots that own and run everything” – the King James RV/ Revised Addition


So called “gay rights’ are in fact pedophile rights

This has now become clear given that the State continues to cover up endless child abuse scandals, while harping on about ‘gay rights’.


ie) what these corporate Nazi / Jewish elites really want is the legal right to rape kids.

Children have – or at least always used to have – the right to not be raped and sexually abused. Now they teach it to them as normal in the schools.

That right is apparently gone now under this new Global corporate run system. The pedophile corporate elites want to be able to fly around their ‘globe’ and sexually abuse as many kids as they please – and not be held accountable for it.

It truly is the end of days

And Media Whores and / or those associated with this website have now had a Trade Me account closed down unlawfully – as well as mail box service run by a homosexual / bisexual named Gareth Foster – simply for exposing child abuse rings in this Nation. Which says it all really

This entire global corporate system is run by pedophiles for the benefit of pedophiles – painted up as ‘gay rights’.

Truly Biblical.

Was thinking last night – World War One was made possible and completely staged and managed thanks to the advent of daily ‘global’ newspapers. The entire thing scripted form start to finish – all sides controlled. Starting with the Gulf of Tonkin false flag was it?

World War Two the exact same story as WW1 – thanks to the advent of ‘global’ radio, and the staged Pearl Harbour false flag.

Well welcome to World War Three – ww3/ www. made possible via the internet and thanks to the 911 false flag. The entire thing will be scripted and controlled from start to finish. All sides. And the final outcome. By these same Nazi/ Jewish faggots – rest assured.

They say the World will be “destroyed by fire” this time ? Yeah well that’s your 5g/ wireless. In the air.

The smart money/ wise will simply turn it all off and pay no attention to any of it. This website included. All you are doing is feeding the faggot 666 Beast. ….Gareth Foster included – and their new lust for small Asian and Muslim boys……

Check out this faggot…..just gets uglier and uglier by the day……






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7 thoughts on “‘Gay Rights’ are Actually Pedophile Rights”

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      mediawhores says:

      all trannies for sure
      hilary’s son has masonic abuse written all over him also. now using black cubes everywhere

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      until there is an investigation into the justin davis files, anyone being prosecuted by these ridiculous judges – is being stitched up – in our view. perhaps he is a perv, but we have published a list a mile long…and nothing. if they in the club they are protected- and far worse.

  1. Reply
    Mike says:

    The greatest betrayal of New Zealanders, since the grandmaster Freemason Massey stole “the Constitution” from NZ people at the end of WW1.

    Under the instructions of the Rothschild’s, paedophile sodomist Satanist ring in the UK. That in fact by refusing to enable the “Constitution” in NZ, this was designed by the Rothschild’s to set the electromagnetic energy tone, in New Zealand to establish the power destroy the Constitution in the USA. As criminal fraud disguised as the first light of life = the first light of law, being “no Constitution globally”, as the socialist paedophile ring occult mafia agenda.
    It being that one of the main targets of the Rothschild Satanist religious kiddie killing cult is to destroy the USA Constitution. Replaced by a socialist agenda.

    Is the matter of the inbred sodomist, paedophile enabling, drug dealing (see Gregg Hallett “a blackmailers guide to NZ” 2008), deviant dwarf Winston Peters failing to honour the promised “moratorium on 1080”. Thereby enabling a massive holocaust of NZ native birds, ONLY because of his breach of trust, to those who trusted him and his NZ First, paedophile puppet party.

    Which party it is claimed here, that NZ First is in fact a false front, “controlling the opposition by leading the opposition”, that is controlled by the Rothschild’s Nazi Satanist occult kiddie killing mafia in London.
    Winston Peters would no doubt ALSO BE INVOLVED in the recent false complaint by Trevor Mallard, against the “Hikoi of a poisoned nation”, regarding the “birds of evidence” presented at Parliament. These birds being claimed by Mallard to have been bashed to death, and not poisoned to death.

    To use the fake news media propaganda, such as the NZ Herald, (who have deliberately kept the words “hikoi of a poisoned nation” from the NZ and Auckland watercare public) to try and make the “Hikoi of a poisoned nation” look like cheap and murderous criminals. Whereas in fact the only cheap murderous criminals are those cheap murderous criminal monsters in the totally corrupt treacherous traitorous NZ Governments, NZ Parliament.
    Official Information Act requests should be made in relation to this criminal complaint by this Trevor Mallard.
    That all material and meetings and persons involved in any matter at all relating to this “police complaint”, regarding blunt instrument bashed birds, be made available.

    If these requests are not completely made available within the statutory time frame, to then proceed with Criminal Complaints of Criminal Breach of Stature by those involved, in this endless media propaganda coverup.
    To request further Official Information Act material as to who is responsible for such criminal failure to comply with the statutory law request to provide all evidence regarding who and what was involved in the sordid police complaint by Trevor Mallard. Such official information act requests should be filed with DOC, police and other departments known to be in collusion.

    Criminal charges should be filed against Trevor Mallard for a “false and malicious allegation”. As per the Crimes Act 1961.

    Since none of this will have taken place of it were not for the lies and sadistic and satanic deception by that disgusting, deranged, demented, drug dealing, paedophile enabling, sodomist, deviant dwarf Winston Peters, sitting on his satanic mountain of sadistically poisoned to death NZ native birds, by failing to honour “the moratorium on 1080”.

    As an offering to Baal (God of child cannibalism and child sacrifice), as per the UN opening prayers at the last UN summit .

    [NOTE: 150,000 NZ cattle ordered in May 2018, to be killed by the UK Royal family, as the sacrifice required to Baal, in order to kill a King or a President.]

    Then tens of millions of sadistically poisoned to death harmless and innocent native birds, of the first light of life, should have even more power as an offering to Baal. We suggest the power to generate WW3 and the massive human holocaust intended, to generate a socialist takeover, in accordance with the writings of Albert Pike, Freemason Grandmaster, is the real intention of the “paedophile ring fronting as a country” ( see Gregg Hallett and Prof. Jim Fetzer. YouTube and “the real deal” USA nationwide radio), New Zealand Government.

    Then civil and further potential police criminal and private prosecution criminal action should be taken against Winston Peters.

    Civil costs including damages for all costs and other damages incurred as a result of “the Hikoi of a poisoned nation” being forced to go ahead, ONLY DUE TO THE MASS DECEPTION by Winston Peters, and hangers on.

    Who in order to get his and their “money”, being obtained by deception “their jobs in Parliament”, indulged in “false business dealings with people (NZ voters) who trusted him”. As deliberate financial fraud intended to deceive these same voters.

    An estimate of the new intended damage done by Winston Peters, by fraud and deception of the NZ public. Include. An estimated 1 million hectares at 6 native birds poisoned to death per hectare = 6 million native birds. At $1000 each, although $5000 each is more appropriate. Being a $6 Billion to $30 Billion, class action claim against Winston Peters.

    PLUS damages for any and all further protest action against 1080 poison.

    All a result ONLY of WINSTON PETERS


    Was therefore the bizarre visit by Prince Harry to Stewart Island in May 2015, intended to mark “NZ Kiwi” birds for being poisoned to death, as part of this “sacrificial offerings by the most extreme sadism and torture to death, of the most precious, innocent and pure and harmless,to the Satanist Baal to kill a King / USA President”. AFTER ALL in May 2018, the intercepted encrypted intelligence was that the Royal Family of the UK requested NZ to sacrifice at least 150,000 dead cattle. Followed up by the ongoing mass slaughter of NZ farmers cattle disguised as necessary for Bovine virus eradication, which in fact would require, to be effective, according to information received, the slaughter of all livestock in New Zealand.

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