The Earth is Flat…Niggas


The Earth is flat niggas.

Actually it is a flat plane encased at the center of a giant torus energy field governed by electromagnetism from the so called ‘Elohim’ or lights above…..but ‘flat Earth’ is a good enough start.

May as well get used to it

This is the starting point to figuring out that all of their other ‘modern day science’ is ball-shit also. All of it.

Including all modern day medicine – a big ol’ load of shit.

The best way to prove it to yourself is to go to a nearby coastline – and look at it. Case closed. Or try jumping up in the air one day and see if you land in the same place.

If you ‘believe’ the Earth is a spinning ball in space – you are under demonic mind control – and are therefore most likely ensnared in the various other forms of demonic mind control eg) taking the medications, eating dead animals/ flesh, worshiping ‘elite’ Persian trannies as your gods….and on and on.

Here is the good news – truth will set you free….from this demon mind control system we have all unfortunately found ourselves in.

Actually we might need to switch off all of our computers and internet first as well – to be fair.



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