The Redhead Nazi Faggots


Featured Image – Donald Trump – the Yellow King – another ‘redhead’ Nazi / Zionist faggot. Check out that little nazi eagle at the top/ side. Hidden in plain sight. 


You know that image really says it all folks. Even has the little Nazi/ Phoenician eagle / legal phoenix at the top there.

The redhead Nazi / Zionist faggots.

Run it all……on behalf of the shape shifting Persian / Jewish elite families behind them.

The wealthier / more powerful of them at least – but there certainly seems to be some kind of hive / demon mind going on, in our experience.

And the World will be ‘saved’ / find salvation – the very minute they figure out that they must stop following their endless bullshit rules, laws and orders. And fake science. And animal sacrifice and pedophilia. The entire ‘gay rights’ bullshit is about covering up their endless pedophilia and child abuse. Much like 1080 is all about covering up their dairy farming and animal abuse.

These niggas can fk right off – in short.

In the Biblical sense this is referred to as ‘casting your net to the other side’.

They are devoid of any of their own creativity and so rely purely and solely on human beings to follow their never ending laws and rules….and bullshit.

The very minute you create something of your own – or “plant a seed” to quote Bob Marley – one of these niggas will appear out of nowhere – and try to claim it as their own – outlaw it – tax it….or simply try and stick their dick in it.





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3 thoughts on “The Redhead Nazi Faggots”

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    Done says:

    Check this out, this cunt should be hung in the fkg streets for his crimes against Innocent children! but the Boy’s in jail will make an example of him! But hey he will probably go into protection but they will still get this cunt! actually he’s probably going to get a taxpayer funded holiday to Thailand for 4 years is probably what will actually happen…

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      Total stitch up
      very few actual facts
      no said victim
      “the now defunct north shore council”
      ie- politics. political attacks
      possibly a deviant – but still no investigation into the justin davis files.
      this man was clearly not part of the zionist/ redhead ‘club’

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        mediawhores says:

        if you use their legal name – they can whatever they like to it
        this is a classic example of that.
        all of their political opponents who use their legal name will be promptly dragged off to hell

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