Breaking – New Amazing Life Extension Technology Discovered – by Media Whores



This just in folks

Alex Bowden – head of Media Whores Corporate Statistics, Sponsorship, and now New Age Science as well – has just submitted his latest report revealing amazing new life extension technologies for the our rich lister readership….and the fag / child abusing politicians and judiciary that are in their pockets.

Media Whores hopes to have our new online store up and running in the coming days.

Please note supplies will be limited initially as the NZ Government currently have a monopoly on the blood donation programs in the schools, and therefore other methods of raw material supply will need to be worked out.

All of those millions of dollars you have stolen off humanity will not go to waste – life extension is on the way…via the subtle scientific altering of your beast DNA. Possibly followed by a new gated luxury apartment complex…on Mars…..

Luke 17:33




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