Crime Scene Cleaner Satanists – Carl Loader & Tara-Jayne Stapleton


Featured Image – the Crime Scene Cleaners – Carl Loader and Tara-Jayne Stapleton. Sick fcks. Not sure which one is Carl.  


We now have fruitloop satanists driving around our neighborhoods not just with satanist / satanic bumper stickers – but with sign written vans declaring “Crime Scene Cleaners” with the words “Suicide – Homicide and Meth” around it.

Even has the words “Blood trauma clean up” on his black van with the little homosexual satanist logo in red. Can’t find any pics of the actual van – but keep your eye out.


This is most likely Carl Loader’s dream job. His real life fantasy, having grown up on a steady diet of mainstream media reports, Hollywood and video gaming.

Forget the police – now when you accidently suicide or ‘Homocide’ one of your meth buddies, or kids, you can just call this satanic fruitloop – Carl Loader – of Crime Scene Cleaners – and they will help clean up the mess for you.

And Carl Loader and his partner Tara-Jayne seem to be doing very well out of it. Presumably one of these corporate elites that has just ‘suicided’ one of their gay lovers or a hooker would pay very well to get it all cleaned up and the meth decontamination done before the cops arrive/ if they even arrive. Presumably Carl has non-disclosure contracts on offer – possibly how he affords the big country house. Looks like they both eat like pigs as well…..goes with the territory…..

You even get free advertising and write ups in the mainstream media – painted up as glamorous….–cleaning-crime-scenes-for-a-living.html

Its the end of days folks. When satanist corporate wankers like these two are proudly advertising that shit on their vans as if it is – or should be – an everyday service.




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3 thoughts on “Crime Scene Cleaner Satanists – Carl Loader & Tara-Jayne Stapleton”

  1. We have dealt with Tara Jane, never again, doesn’t matter how loaded they are, it ain’t worth the pain. Carl Loader and Tara Jane were car salesmen before there latest venture and The brother of murdered prostitute Mellory Manning who worked at their car yard said it was the most toxic environment he’s had to work in.

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