Free Entry into the New Republic



By Decree of the First King in the new Republic

Entry to the new Republic of New Zealand is free for all and any on the proviso that they have good intention.

Primarily this means the intention to abide by the Law – Do no harm.

We are aware that there are various interpretations of doing no harm. Some think that taking a lamb from it’s paddock, cutting it’s throat and then eating it constitutes “no harm”. Such lunatics are encouraged to spend a little more time killing and being killed out in the corporate reality they currently infest, before joining.

For those who have already figured out what it means to ‘do no harm’ – entry to the Republic is now free.

Those with enough cash flow are invited to donate the $70 towards the new Republic website if they wish to help get things underway.

The Republic – Yearly Fee Revisited

We note Pharaoh / Google/ the Jews / Sam Morgan and Kim Dotcom are still blocking the Republic website – possibly still a bit upset that we called them all faggots. A work around – but not a retraction – is underway……

There should be no financial barrier to being in the Republic – nor will there be in the future. Being a human being is largely free. Indeed that is the only real goal.

Also note – you are in the new Republic the very minute you decide that you are. There is no need to sign/ sin anything. Once you decide you have joined, you are in – and are tax free from that very minute. Just state to any other presumed authority that you are “In the New Zealand Republic Nation” and not in “New Zealand” the Cuntree. This is your lawful right as long as you do not provide your legal name to said false / corporate authorities. Not in person at least.


King James of Christ’s Church



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