Jenny Shipley Accused of Multiple Murders


Featured Image – ‘Jenny’ Shipley. Politics is show business for the very ugliest of the clan…….#TheyLive


Jenny Shipley accused of murder. Serial killer in fact…..

Greg you will be interested to know that Jenny Shippley is being sued by the Commerce Commission for operating a public company ‘Mainzeal Construction’ while the business was insolvent. She was the chairman.


Greg Hallett

Greg Hallett Good. Jenny Shipley also employed Kimball Johnson to do all her murders, many, then killed Kimball, then six months later killed his sister. Jenny Shipley’s daughter was also convicted of murder in Sydney, around 1999, reason she lost to NZ PM position to Helen Clark, who used this to extort the position.

Greg Hallett

Greg HallettJenny Shipley collapsed Mainzeal to remove competition to the Chinese, whom she serves and meets on a daily basis. China asks for something, pays Jenny Shipley NZ$20,000 bribe, then Jenny goes into Parliament and bribes the necessary people, to the benefit of China. Part of China’s request was to send Mainzeal to rack & ruin. Jenny Shipley also accepted NZ$20,000 from Hugh Fletcher in 1989 to nominate his Jewish wife, Sian Elias, as Chief Justice … so the chance of Jenny Shipley being convicted … will only happen if Sian Elias is removed and Hugh Fletcher is charged and convicted of his paedophilia, and both Sian Elias and Hugh Fletcher are charged and convicted of conspiracy in the murder of David McNee, who was part of their child sex abuse soiree … and that, Lady’s and Gentlemen, is why nothing of value every happens in the New Zealand Courts.

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    Jack says:

    We are aware of the large number of children and youth being suicided to get rid of the evidence of the massive paedophile rings at work in New Zealand.

    1080 poisoning farm areas tends to produce dead children at birth, or infertile women. Thereby leaving no sons or daughters or only half wits to run the farm, once the parents pass on. Thereby freeing up the land to be purchased instaed of being kept in the family.

    One other problem appearing is the very large number of “alleged suicides” of farmers children. Also paving the way for the “taking over of NZ family run farms”.

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      mediawhores says:

      yeah – its the killing fields of new zealand
      the commie bolshevik jews just love it
      its killing time
      satan/ saturn is in control
      welcome to hell – home of the 7 deadly sins
      demonc fkg ju cnts
      seed of satan/ the serpent etc
      cant keep their bloody tongues in their mouths. dribbling at the mouth over all of the death, and anal licking going on
      its a redhead ju paradise.

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