Justice….& Free Counseling for the Homos in the New Republic



By Decree of the First King

Free counseling will be provided for all of the homos in the new Republic. Or before they join the Republic – perhaps better put.

In fact here it is in the Youtube videos below….complements of leading expert (the late) Dr Nicolosi

We by no means intend nor intended to cause further stress and suffering to homosexual victims in New Zealand with our recent rants about ‘faggots’ and the likes.

These people have already suffered enough – and continue to suffer to this day.

The faggots that sexually and/or emotionally abused them as kids on the other hand – well they deserve whatever they get.

We have known a number of ‘omos over the years – usually via groups of people or friends we have socialized with – and they have often been very intelligent types and fairly ‘straight up’ as well to be fair.

We recall one dude in Auckland we did some work for once and used to see around in the bars a bit – and recall hearing a story about how he used to hide in the walls of his home as a kid while his dad beat the shit out of his mum.

According to the experts this is the number one link – or the only link really – found in homosexuals – that being child abuse.

The problem as far as we see it is that there has been no protection for these kids, often growing up in alcohol and drug infested households, and often with no fathers present, or a drunken and drug addict father and/ or mother. And there has clearly been no justice or resolution for them since, if they continue to believe they are ‘gay’ and are living such a lifestyle. According to the experts that is.

In the new Republic, all child abuse victims and homosexuals will be provided free counseling. See videos below. Please ignore the KFC advertising as it will do you no good to swap one bad behavior type for another.

And please be assured that the Sovereigns of the new Republic will be more than happy to help you track down those who abused you as a child, bring them to justice and ‘encourage’ them to repent, if that is what is needed to help you heel. In fact they will be made to bow down at your feet and beg for forgiveness, if you so wish.

Homosexuality will be looked upon as a form of mental illness in the new Republic – but we do not treat those suffering from illnesses with further persecution……..we look for the cures instead……


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    Antha says:

    Have you noticed many Skodas during your travels?

    Seems to be the ‘in’ thing, seems they’re upgrading from their ford falcons and supped up utes, to skodas and SUV’s. Plenty of them in these parts.

    Its fair to say its the ‘in’ thing due to the symbolism of its brand. we all know what that ‘little circular hole’ means, and the 666 in plain site disguised as a phoenix.

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