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Featured Image – Caleb Smith of the NZ Domain Name Commission ‘charity’. 


This is our most ‘viral’ post yet….

Caleb Smith of the Domain Name Commission Ltd/ Incorporated ‘charity’ has recently threatened to close down Media Whores

The pedos who run this Cuntree on behalf of the Talmudic snakes are obviously very upset.

We are not alleging that Caleb Smith is one of these inbred serial child abusers folks – nor would we wish to suggest such. Even the Jewish Nazis were just following orders.

But we are aware now that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of domain names still registered to “Gopher Ltd” which went out of business over 5-6 years ago, but for some reason Caleb Smith only seems to have come after us, with some sense of urgency it should be added. And a few days after we published articles calling David Clark MP a Serial Pedophile Nazi Satanist. Apparently David Clark is higher up the pedo ladder than Jacinda Ardern/ Peter Thiel.

He also seems to have somehow missed the controlled opposition “” website – run by these redheads – which is also not registered to a so called “properly constituted organization”.

Matthew 7:16-20

If these corporate Nazis do shut down the website – it will be back up and running again in a few days on the back up domain name :





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2 thoughts on “Media Whores Back Up Domain Name –”

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    Zaros says:

    It’s only a matter of time. When not if. Attacking free speech is vital for the ‘globalists’ to achieve their ends. They will use antisemitism and homophobia as weapons against you. They can’t use the racism card.
    Never apologise to these spineless rent boys.

    1. Reply
      Sham says:

      Homophobia is definitely the new racism.

      The lad that runs this blog summed it up well when he was talking to that faggot who was stalking him on the side of the road – we don’t need gay rights, more human rights that are God given.

      Our youth are fucked.

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