You are NOT a Dairy Cow….Retards


Featured Image – Todd Heller – cross eyed blood sucking demon from the Pitt. #TheyLive…and feed you and your children poison, to keep you dumbed down, so they can better rule over you, suck your blood, and then abuse your children. 


Following on from our previous article….

You are NOT a dairy cow you brain dead fucks

Human milk is for humans. Cows milk is for……you guessed it…cows.

Are you so ashamed and lacking in confidence of your own genetic ability – that you need to rely on a four legged shit machine beast to give you ‘strength’ and sustenance?

Wake the fk up you brain dead zombies.

The only reason the redhead demon prison guards market this shit to you – is to keep you dumbed down, like cows in a paddock – so they can better farm you – and sexually abuse your children.

If you ever decide you wish to aspire to actually having human intelligence – try a human diet. Very simple. If you want to live – eat live food.






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