All Retards will be Fully Catered For in the new Republic


Featured Image – Todd Heller of Hellers demonic factory farmed flesh and Persian blood sacrifice rituals. 

Folks – please be assured that all retards will be fully catered for in the new Republic.

There will be an abundance once we convert all of the dairy farms back to actual food farms – and we stop feeding half of China – and therefore more than enough to go around.

We simply must provide for all retards – if not only to prevent them starting their own businesses… this one above/ below…..

Retards can be wonderful people – but should NOT be put in charge of things – not least the ‘food’ supply. This quite clearly another example of political correctness gone mad.

It is also for their own good – as fruitloops like Todd Heller will be blissfully unaware that he will actually come back in the next life as one of his own factory farmed animals. This is how shit works……

Check out Todd Heller’s redhead handler / CEO…Stephen Boock….in fact Todd looks a like like that demon at the bottom also doesn’t he. Possibly playing more than one role – something we have been covering a lot of late..same old demons on repeat….


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4 thoughts on “All Retards will be Fully Catered For in the new Republic”

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        Antha says:

        A tranny too. I find it fkn ironic how many snakes and trannys are online exposing their own kind lol. The Nambla thing is very fkd up.

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