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Little Island Coconut milk is from the Gods.

Although would ideally not be served up in plastic bottles.

We have found this stuff across the Nation in various supermarkets, but not in our current/local one – so we are currently buying cans of organic coconut cream instead. Have it in our morning coffee with a splash of maple syrup.

Our local supermarket now stocks around 20 different varieties of coconut cream and/or milk – and all but one of them has chemicals and other toxins added. The only real one is a Ceres organics one hidden down the back somewhere in the small organic section – bit like they do with the tobacco really. Even that has water added – it is now apparently illegal to just buy 100% pure coconut cream in New Zealand. The retarded old cock sucking masons and dairy farmers must have had a meeting and decided to ban it on the grounds that it was good for people’s health.

“Oh but that stuff is really expensive and there is no way I could feed all the kids” – yeah well take a look at your kids – they are fat, ugly, sick and retarded. It runs in the family. Start ‘feeding’ them water and lemon juice instead – with just one glass of the coconut water of the Gods each day in their porridge. You are what you eat.

Actually – we like to have a cigarette with ours each morning – because all forms of smoke and fire helps ward off any nearby demons – but not sure if we would recommend that for the whole family.

Plus the prices of products like this would plummet if we all started converting.

This is obviously not a paid promotion – as no company would dare touch this website with a barge pole (we deliberately designed it that way) – but just pointing out that there are solutions.

As would be replacing all of our satanic fkwit / demonic dairy farms and replacing them with avocado farms, or any of a hundred other possible natural products, which could then be exported all over the World – meaning no loss of local jobs or money.  Even that is a half ass needless solution though – when really what a free human race and Nation would do is simply live on the land themselves and grow whatever they felt like eating and/or selling – locally.

Anyway – point is – that coconut water is fkg awesome. Try it. or the Ceres brand. Avoid the “coconut extract” ones, or with any other additives – which are most likely GMO and designed to tranny you and your children, some more.

Rev 22:2


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