Todd Heller – Demon from the Pitt’s of Hell 666 #TheyLive


Featured Image – Todd Heller of Heller’s flesh and blood sacrifice – Todd Heller is not retarded folks – he is a demon from the Pitt’s of Hell….hiding in plain sight, at the end of days. #TheyLive

How the fuck did we let these sick demonic cunts creep on up on us folks – and then let them start running everything?

Turning everything around them into Hell – their version of utopia – with Lions, Rotary & Freemason gang insignia hanging up at the entrance to every town these sick cunts have taken over and destroyed.

And the more of their processed foods and factory farmed animals we all eat – the uglier everything around us becomes – not least yourselves.

These sick satan worshiping masonic cunts – their days are numbered.666

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