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“Zeus walked with some more ‘sinners’ – again – but didn’t inhale” –  KJRV

Here is one for the ages – every time Media Whores goes to sign in to this website to write something – without fail – a neighbour will suddenly start their car, or turn on a hedge trimmer, or a stereo, or someone will drive past slowly looking at us, or an old lady or man walking a dog appears. It is unfucking believable.

There are two possible theories on how the gang stalkers are able to pull this shit off – one is obviously and very simply that every time you log in – central command notifies the nearest Sayanim gang members via that cell phone App and they then quickly kick something off. The other theory is it is from the demonic realms – #TheyLive and operate outside of our 3 dimensional 5 senses – those who farm us, same as they do their cattle.

This stuff about Jesus folks – you know it applies to all of us right? Every single human being – on Jacob’s Ladder – usually trying to buy their way up the stairway to heaven. Then suffering mostly due to a lack of knowledge eg) being told at some stage that they have Parkinson’s Disease or some other wacky new age rubbish and then actually believing it then killing themselves slowly with the medications…..or chemo etc.

The ‘Christ’ or Christos in you is the oil which ascends up the 33 bones of your spine and eventually activates your pineal gland – if you are able to avoid the 7 deadly sins. Jesus is essentially your eternal soul as far as we can tell – positioned in or just above your heart – and apparently not something that can be seen by the naked eye or standard medical equipment (although unsure about what the medical equipment is capable of these days). That soul moves from one life to the next.


One of those 144 thousand vids we posted last week explained that “Jesus” was the corner stone that the Masons rejected – which is presumably an analogy explaining that while they are very good at buildings things, it all crumbles down around them eventually… soul in it.

Media Whores set ourselves back a few months last night. Letting off a little steam.

When you end up parked outside a dairy farm on State Highway 1 who keeps bobby calves sitting there in cages for all to see – with your Go Pro and a baseball bat in the car – you know it is time to go and let off some steam. Was thinking of putting a sign up on the car for the day and the baseball bat was only there in case anyone wanted to try and aggressively remove our freedom of speech. Which we take fairly seriously. Not too worried about a polite conversation with the cops, but 3 or 4 obese dairy farmers might be a different story. Certainly not for attacking anything or anyone unnecessarily.

Ended up taking some footage and then headed off into town for a beer. Which became three or four, then darkness crept in, some more beers, at least two tall and very spicy bloody mary’s, and possibly one more a little later on also. We are sure it has all been very well documented – by those who are documenting all our lives these days, via the cell phones,discount cards  and cameras etc. Didn’t smoke anything other than our standard ciggies for the record – just a play on Bill Clinton’s ballshite.

Vague memory of walking past some tourists at one stage and saying “Sieg Heil” then pointing towards the brilliant setting Sun. Shits and giggles, but seriously, put down all of your cameras and just watch the Sun.

Milli – nice of you to drop by and say hi. Trust you have been enjoying the show. Can count on one hand the number of old boys who have dropped by….and can’t say we blame them – nor that we are particularly interested most of the time – but good to catch up sport. Doig dropped by once with a few good jokes, and Hewlett another time while at a Ponsonby Bar – told us he was installing vehicle tracking/ GPS systems on cars and then disappeared again in a flash. Possibly a bit more to that one.

Also the dude who stopped by with his family for a chat – cheers mate. Got a bit heavy on the no killing/ meat speech but best wishes aye.

And the French dude and his mate – looked like they were probably in the know – so just chucked flat Earth right out there – and they knew. Brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Cheers.

On that topic – Youtube chucked this video below up for us the other day – but they lost us with the “1000 dead from terrorist attacks” crap. Satan has 1000 names – and at least 1000 crisis actors. We have well documented all of the staged terrorism. This entire war of terror thing is just another hoax to deceive the masses and suck in as many fools as they can. Not that we are  a big fan of watching these European Nations get over run with foreigners – but clearly the problem is the failed political system allowing it/ doing it. By design. The powers that be apparently want to bring forth some more Hitlers – keep things revolving. Or perhaps are quite serious about this Islamification agenda – which is equally unattractive. If we are to evolve as a species, as oppose to war and revolt / revolve – we really do need to put all of this religion / re-legion crap to bed once and for all. The Pallavicini family run it all folks – Islam and Christianity. Follow Christ – the Christ in You – not a religion.

Check out this shit – in the description “Fight and die for Christ” – the fkg stupidity. What Christ actually said was give away all of your shit and follow him…..The Europeans are all stuck in their Cities being invaded and war gamed remotely……as well as poisoned to death. Once the ‘elites’/ fake Jews start getting their violent response – it will be all on. Fairly hard to organise also given the entire internet is run from Israel – the same people running this whole ‘end of days’ theater. Bloody awful situation – but again it all goes back to this ‘suffering due to a lack of knowledge’ thing. The Synagogue of Saturn are going to teach everyone a jolly good old lesson – you do not own anything, and the Creator could not give a shit what colour your skin is or what Nation you come from…..they own it all anyway. They even own you via the legal name, and therefore everything you have registered in your name.

Can’t be assed reading that back over. Might fix it up later.

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