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In the news:

We live in a fucking insane asylum.

Run by flesh eating pedophile satanists.

But you will never figure it out – on your current diets – with almost every food you buy and eat designed and/or genetically modified so as to cause paranoid schizophrenia – all the grains for one, as well as all dairy products, which come from cross bred cows, and all of your meats which cause almost all of your sicknesses and disease.

All of the wines now contain sulfites (soul fights) which slowly cripple your bodies. And all of the wineries are owned by these so called Jews. Same as the food companies…and medicine companies. They are murdering us all.

While sexually abusing as many kids as possible….then trying to convince them all that they are just ‘gay’.

If you are in a relationship with someone while standing back and watching them kill themselves via a flesh/ meat/ dairy or processed foods diet, while telling them you ‘love’ them – then technically, you are in fact a Necrophiliac…..however romantic you may try to be.

The New Zealand we all once loved and cared for – has been bought to its knees – by brain dead greedy ‘Christian’ dairy farmers – and the foreign bankers that have funded them, on the orders of the Persian elite families that own everything……the same inbred tranny wankers now invading our Country with Islam…and Halal. It’s a vicious cycle… fact a military operation…….called re-legion…….made possible due purely to our own ignorance….and by convincing every second half wit Kiwi male to join one of the many secret little brainwashing clubs for Goy men who need a crutch – Rotary, Lions, Masons, JV’s and the likes – all of which are run by these same satanic Masonic kiddie fiddlers.

Truth has never been very popular…..

And thats the news.

Now where did we put the ciggies?? Only the Father in Heaven is faultless, after all.


“Google the Kaufmann, Morgenthau and Hooton plan. Three detailed plans for the Extermination of the German people written by Jews. Sterilization and Immigration are the methods described. Food additives and vaccines almost without exception affect fertility and brainfunctions. Sound weird ? Yes ,but why do muslims birthrate drop like a rock when they move to European countries ? Additives by jewish controlled firms like Monsanto, and jewish Jonas Salk (polio) started the wave of vaccines. Most if not all vaccines turns out were issued after the diseases had declined on their own. Jewish organisations like the ADL have been pushing immigration into white countries (but not into Israel) Have the exterminationplans against the Germans been modified and now turned on the entire white (Christian) culture ? Check out Dr. David Kelly and Joseph Moshe from the links further down. I`m just asking. Also google the Samson Option and the Kalergi-Plan” – from below….



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7 thoughts on “The Evening News – with Adam”

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    sicko says:

    carterton? paedos? peter jackson neighbourhood? spose he didnt have to travel far for his pedo fix!
    “After going through decontamination Oscar Rodgers said it was quite an exciting time and it tickled when the fireman scrubbed his tummy. Dad Gavin was glad that they were able to get the children out and get them home.”
    oh yeh sure Dad

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    real eyes realize real lies says:

    There is a man who goes by the name of Dan Allen Gordon from Tauranga

    An openly gay sodomite who is a truly disturbed individual, had allegations about him being a homosexual which helped him get the position he’s in which involved throwing a straight man under the bus. of course nothing ever eventuated from it and he also loves his pedophilia jokes.

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    Rillydiculous 101 says:

    The Republic demands a vote on Media Whores masonic twin pillar/duality VM (Virgin Mary) Victory logo. It’s unbecoming surely??

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