Are the Entire Trade Me Board Part of the Same Child Sex Ring?


Featured Image – various spoon heads from the Trade Me NZ board– could they ALL be part of same child sex trade ring in New Zealand?


It doesn’t look good does folks.

Creepy looking – sure….kind of like something out of a badly done Star trek episode.

But marketing and selling child sex dolls for money while blocking people from using Trade Me for exposing child abuse rings in NZ??

It all starts to look a bit obvious doesn’t it.

Quite clearly an active part of the corporate child sex ring agenda in New Zealand. Some of them at least – or this wouldn’t happen. And possibly all of them.

We are clearly at a point in history where the biggest fruitcakes are now actually running everything.

Truly Biblical – and end of days type stuff.

Further Allegations Trade Me’s Jon MacDonald is a Serial Child Sex Offender



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12 thoughts on “Are the Entire Trade Me Board Part of the Same Child Sex Ring?”

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    Jack says:

    A bit of USA stuff where trying to stop Judge Kavanaugh because he will probably change abortion laws.

    So “Stormy Daniells” has got involved in the Judge Brett Kavanaugh business. As expected. But this time,via a stand in.
    I’m not aware of the intricacies of the areas of Judgement intended to be reviewed and over thrown, but I am aware that “abortion”, is probably the main reason for such a strong attack. MEANING the mass murder of American children and the sale of aborted body parts is very much the money making side of the issue. Which allegedly finds its way back to Hillary Clinton.
    As being only one of several points.
    So I’m unaware of the stand taken by any of these women on the abortion issue, but no doubt unsavoury connections will come to light.
    EVIDENCE: Is now present in the new woman’s words, that “spiking” of drinks occurred by the associates of Brett Kavanaugh while he was at high school. That he was on the fringe of this group, and not really part of the group itself. Meaning that his drinks may also have been spiked. Resulting in abnormal, including “total blackout” behaviour.
    There is no evidence that Brett Kavanaugh was party to the spiking of drinks, only that his own drinks may have been spiked.
    It is well known that “groupies” hang around, the older and more influential boys to be part of the “in” crowd. Groupies are of many different flavours, not just rock’n roll bands etc. Younger girls would be totally unaccepted by older girls, as trash. Such “trash” girls would need to try harder to join the group probably. It is a whole new world, and not anything like nor in any way resembling an adult world. They are in the main mean little testosterone driven shitbags psyching each other on. Also they have their own initiation ceremonies, to be part of the group. There is no known reason for Brett Kavanaugh to have an onlooker, this Judge character, unless there was an initiation ceremony probably taking place. To prove to be part of the group. Which also meant “demeaning oneself” to go anywhere near a 15 year old, and not a 17 year old.
    That alcohol is known internationally as “liquid panty remover”, that all the girls and boys are aware of. Everywhere around the world.
    Some girls obviously to join “the group” had to carry out certain tasks. Or not be accepted. They had a choice to be in the in crowd or in the out crowd. Which may have well have included having a Cleopatra “metoo” moment, involving taking care of all the boys, or a group of the boys.
    The fact is that it was the social norm, and the terms were well known and accepted by all.
    Anything more than that is just lawyers running a scam.
    That several hours or days spent “remembering” really meant “being instructed” on what to say, and exactly what the storyline was.
    The aim being : mass murder of American children via abortion and the sale of foetal body parts. Etc.

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      mediawhores says:

      the one who laid the claims is a tranny. clear as day. so if he abused her he must be a another fagg. and probably is
      yes, total circus

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    Jack says:

    This is stuff on 1080 where doctors are forced not to to their job by MOH, to cover up community poisoning.

    1080, Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation, News, Poison
    “If you die from 1080 poisoning nobody will know” … bullied Doctors are not doing the tests said Dr Charlie Baycroft at Saturday’s protest in Wellington
    September 9, 2018 Pam Vernon 6 Comments

    No one will know Dr Baycroft says, because Doctors are bullied into not doing the tests!

    “In case you have any doubt, the MOH and their clerical employees have a great deal of control over our medical professions and they do not take kindly to anyone expressing an opinion that they disagree with. Working Doctors with current practicing certificates have to tread lightly where the MOH and their agendas are concerned.”

    NZ wide yesterday, thousands protested from one end of the country to the other (you can see all the wonderful photos and videos at Facebook). In usual mainstream style nary a mention of the protest, except in an extremely skewed & negative way which is typical of MSM anyway. MSM is the long arm of the new corporatocracy that is looking more police statish than ever going by recent events. It is time they woke up & started listening to the people.

    What particularly caught my ear among the speeches was that given by retired NZ GP Dr Charlie Baycroft (there was more caught my ear which I’ll cover in later posts). We published info on his recent suggestion to the public that they get tested before & after a 1080 drop if they were at all concerned about being poisoned. He was then threatened by the MOH with prosecution for doing that. Something is seriously wrong with that picture isn’t it? Why do you not encourage any activity with a safety focus?

    Anyway, he made the statement at the protest that if you die of 1080 poisoning, nobody will know why you did because nobody will do the tests to show if there are residues of the poison in your body (neither, bear in mind, is there an antidote to 1080 poison!). You can hear him speak in the video, he is speaking already as the video begins.

    “You will not know if 1080 made you sick. If you go to the Doctor, what reception will you get? I’ve heard from the people. You’ll get told ‘don’t worry about it, go home, don’t worry about it’. You know, will you have some blood tests to see if your cells have been damaged & have started releasing enzymes (omitted sentences here as sound is unclear) …. no you will not, why? because the Doctors are being bullied into not doing the tests. If you die from 1080, how will your family know? They will not know because nobody will do the tests to find the residues of the poison in your body, so the truth of the matter is, this is really dangerous”.

    Dr Baycroft responded recently to the article about threatened prosecution:
    This threat is old news. I replied and then no more correspondence or answers to the relevant questions that I asked. Perhaps they forgot that old retired doctors without practicing certificates are not afraid of them?
    In a recent facebook post, someone reported asking their doctor about investigations of exposure to 1080 and was told to “Google it”. I would have expected a more polite and maybe even concerned response.
    This is especially odd because the medical officer of health for that area alleges that local doctors have been sent “up to date information” about investigating exposure to 1080. This includes advice that the specific test for 1080 can be funded and free, which the same person previously denied.
    Did the Doctors receive this information?
    Did they bother to read it?
    Is the information really “up to date” and accurate? Maybe not?
    What about the patients? Should they not receive this information as well?
    Apparently not because I asked and was told it is only available if requested in reference to the Official Information Act. I applied but still did not receive it but did find that someone had put it on Facebook.
    Good news seems to be that Medical Officers of Health (some, perhaps) are starting to understand what the word “poison” means and that 1080 KILLS PEOPLE.
    The bad news seems to be that they are being all “secret squirrel” about letting people who might become ill from 1080 know what to do about it.
    In case you have any doubt, the MOH and their clerical employees have a great deal of control over our medical professions and they do not take kindly to anyone expressing an opinion that they disagree with.
    Working Doctors with current practicing certificates have to tread lightly where the MOH and their agendas are concerned.

    Old retired ones without practicing certificates still have the freedom to say what they think when they are sincerely concerned that people might be exposed to chemical weapons that could harm or kill them and never be detected.
    Dr. Charlie Baycroft

    (No longer having to pay for an annual practicing certificate or deal with our deteriorating medical system)

    Are you feeling a little unsafe with all of this information that we haven’t hitherto been privy to?

    Remember the young woman whose Doctor suspected 1080 poisoning, urged the authorities to test, only to have the lab lose her heart?! That good Doctor was basically told to leave the story alone. Then there was the recent poisoned Putaruru family and the cover up that accompanied their illness.

    Have a listen for yourself to Dr Baycroft and others speak, and see the crowd present at Parliament on Saturday. Check out the FB coverage also, many wonderful photos & videos NZ wide from tiny towns to big. You are not going to find that info on mainstream.

    And a big thanks to Merrissa Woolston for her livestream videos.
    Photo: (header image) Thanks to Ange Murtha on FB

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    Sham says:

    School Holidays start today at 3:15 today for the country .. 2 weeks of creeps lurking/stalking everywhere – more so than ‘normal’ we have found.

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      mediawhores says:

      agreed bro
      these creepy corporates cunts treat their kids like sex toys. pimping them all out.
      total mind control
      a media werx operation

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    Sham says:

    Yeah bro I hear ya, fuck that lol, I don’t know how they live with themselves. 1st five appears to be a special position for these faggots.

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    Sham says:

    I hear you bro. Unless you drop your trousers, rape kids and/or get a sex change theres no point trying to take rugby serious as a career in this country.
    Its genuinely fkn crazy man, demons and snakes literally everywhere. John key did a splendid job leading the country astray with rugged rugby world cups and a flag change, not to mention the Christchurch quakes which opened the door for hundreds of thousands of these cunts to start flooding the nation.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      does appear to be yes
      always wondered why they wouldnt let me play 1st 15. watched all sorts of half asses get promoted up.
      anyway – just thankful that we never joined the club so to speak.

    2. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      just looking at that photo again.
      what the fk happened to us?
      how did we manage to sit back and let these fruitcakes just take over?

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